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PS5: Has Sony registered a new model of the console?

Sony has plans to release a new, updated model of PS5, at least based on what was recently announced in Japan

It appears that Sony has recorded a new model of PS5 in Japan: The company received design certification in April for a device CFI-1200 that uses up-to-date radio equipment. This approval is probably attributable to the flagship consul of the Japanese company; Sony usually uses a numbering scheme that looks like CFI-1XXX.

PS5: Will the new model be a “modest” revision of the current one?

Having received certification in April from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the new model of PS5 it would be designed to conform to the latest standards of radio and wireless communication equipment. This isn’t the first time Sony has redesigned the console in-house – the first revision reduced some PS5 weight and a thumbscrew was added to the base mount as well. This CFI-1102A version also included a smaller heatsink.

Last year it was reported that an internal redesign of the PS5 was in development, while Sony confirmed it was seriously considering a architecture modification to alleviate the supply chain problems caused by the global shortage of semiconductors. Since it was launched in November 2020, the external appearance of the PS5 has remained the same anyway and this would also seem to be the case with the model CFI-1200.

This also appears to be in line with Sony’s intentions to make PS5 consoles more readily available this year, as the company expects it will sell many millions more PS5 units in the current fiscal year which started April 1 and will last. until March 31, 2023. In Sony’s latest investor briefing, the company said it plans to sell 18 million PS5 consoles this financial year, with this number based on the company’s current visibility into parts sourcing. . Sony has sold more than 19 million PS5 units so far since the console’s launch.

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