Qualcomm and Bosch: the future of software-defined vehicles presented at CES 2024

Qualcomm e Bosch: il futuro dei veicoli software-defined presentato al CES 2024 thumbnail

On the occasion of CES 2024 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. wanted to underline the global momentum and its leading position as a reference partner of the industry automotivehighlighting the breadth, maturity and game-changing innovations of its portfolio Snapdragon Digital Chassis. But it doesn’t end here: Qualcomm e Bosch presented at CES 2024 the first automotive central computer capable of managing the functions of infotainment and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) on a single system-on-chip (SoC). Bosch presented this new central vehicle computer, known as the cockpit and ADAS integration platform, based on the Snapdragon Ride Flex System-on-Chip (SoC).

Qualcomm establishes itself in the automotive sector at CES 2024

Qualcomm Technologies offers the broadest portfolio of technologies for automotive sector, which spans all major automotive domains, and continues to expand to set the bar for innovation, including support for the two-wheeler and micromobility segment. The company is in its 20th year of providing technologies to the automotive industry and its revenue grew double-digits compared to the previous year, thanks to increased adoption of Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions that support:

Personalized, immersive experiences with the Snapdragon Auto connectivity platform

Connectivity remains an integral part of the digital transformation of the automotive industry, fueling an unprecedented amount of innovation. With the complete roadmap of piattaforma Snapdragon Auto Connectivity, Built on Qualcomm Technologies’ decades-long leadership in connectivity, automakers are equipped to meet growing demands for higher levels of security and intelligence with LTE, 5G, connected services, vehicle-to-everything (V2X), Wi-Fi, -Fi, Bluetooth, satellite communications and precise positioning.

The road ahead with artificial intelligence

The new era of AI has arrived and theEdge-based generative AI will play a critical role in transforming the passenger compartment with the aim of delivering powerful, efficient, private, safer and personalized experiences for drivers and passengers, working at the edge.

Committed to bringing cutting-edge technological innovation to the automotive industry in conjunction with its introduction into the consumer ecosystem, Qualcomm Technologies welcomes the new era of automotive AI and is leveraging its industry-leading AI hardware and software solutions for the Snapdragon Digital Chassis Platform to help advance automotive AI.

Our platforms Snapdragon Digital Cockpit are currently available with Gen AI capabilities. The company is showcasing the broad use of traditional AI and Gen AI for automotive at the Qualcomm Technologies booth throughout the week.

Qualcomm and Bosch: the future of software-defined vehicles presented at CES 2024

Based on Qualcomm Technologies’ leadership in digital cockpit and ADAS computing platforms, the SoC Flex It is designed to support mixed-criticality workloads, enabling the co-implementation of digital cockpit, ADAS and automated driving (AD) capabilities on a single SoC.

This unique capability enables automakers to build a unified core computing architecture and vehicle architecture software-defined ranging from basic to premium level. Leveraging the Flex SoC, Bosch’s new on-board computer is able to implement rich user experiences across infotainment, vehicle lifecycle management, digital cluster and ADAS features such as object detection/traffic lights/ lanes, automated parking, intelligent and personalized navigation, voice assistance, control of multiple displays and processing of radar and ultrasonic data from cameras.

The full capabilities of Bosch regarding infotainment, instrumentation and ADAS have allowed Bosch to remain a leading automotive supplier in the industry. With the introduction of the new cockpit and ADAS integration platform and the combined hardware and software capabilities, Bosch is able to provide a clear competitive advantage on the cost roadmap, offering unparalleled value to its customers.

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