Quantic Dream: Perhaps a new medieval fantasy game is in development

Various projects seem to occupy the developers of Quantic Dream, and among them there could perhaps be a game set in what appears to be a fantasy and medieval world

Although David Cage’s studio had tightened a rather important relationship with PlayStation, for some time the paths of the two companies have divided. After making Detroit: Become Human, having later released it also on platforms external to Sony consoles, the conclusion of the exclusive collaboration was then sanctioned, thus leading it to assume a status of independence and therefore leaving room for different scenarios.

In the last two years, the software house of Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls has not released any new titles, but has nevertheless had the opportunity to expand the presence of the studio in areas outside France, officially opening a new office in Canada. Additionally, Quantic Dream also recently confirmed that it is working on a Star Wars title, called the Star Wars Eclipse, and according to the latest rumors. this could be just the beginning: it seems that a new game is also planned, which this time would present a fantasy and medieval setting.

The new game with the fantasy connotations of Quantic Dream

The information about this new Quantic Dream game comes from a leaker who would have already disclosed important details concerning the Star Wars project in the past: as mentioned in the previous lines, there is talk of a fantasy title that will join the series of titles in production. It would be a Triple A developed by the Paris-based studio, and information about its possible “nature” reveals how it will be a game “Based on humor”, whatever that means. According to the leaker, this work will be based on the tech demo of “The Dark Sorcerer” shown during the PlayStation event of E3 2013, and should be “More advanced than Star Wars: Eclipse”. Again, it is not clear what exactly is meant.

This last statement, however, leaves some perplexities about the leak, since a few days ago it was already talked about how Quantic Dream seemed to have its hands more than busy with the development of Star Wars: Eclipse, also finding short of specialized personnel in the creation of a title so different from the previously created works. Be that as it may, the leaker reveals how the new Quantic Dream game could be a cross-generation title, also arriving on PC, and unlike the new sci-fi IP it would remain faithful to the interactive narrative style that characterizes the studio, with a non-linear story written by David Cage himself. However, remembering how Detroit: Become Human was born taking inspiration from the tech demo “Kara” released in 2012, it is not so difficult to imagine that this could also happen with the other demos of the studio.

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