Quantic Dream: unveiled the title of the new game set in the Star Wars universe

The title of the new Quantic Dream game set in the Star Wars universe has been revealed to the public, along with some details about the setting

The French company Quantic Dream would have leaked the title of his new game set in the universe of Star Wars. The manufacturer of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, specializing in the games of graphic adventure, he would in fact be working on a title that will have as its setting that distant galaxy that we have all come to love by now. This game, according to rumors, could lead Quantic Dream towards an action twist.

Quantic Dream: Is the Star Wars Game Title Reliable?

The title of the Star Wars game by Quantic Dreams was leaked in a journalist’s podcast, Jeff Grubb, called Grubbsnax, aired on the site Giant Bomb. Grubb has indeed revealed some background regarding the title, especially as regards thesetting: it is in fact sure that the game will take place during the period of the High Republic (ie approx 200 years before the events of the movie Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), so almost 800 years before the fall of the Old Republic.

Quantic Dream: unveiled the title of the new game set in the Star Wars universe

The title of the new game should be Star Wars Eclipse. We already know that the title has been in development for at least 18 months, and that it should be a action game, rather than narrative like the rest of the games developed by Quantic Dream. Hypothetically, it will be released for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox X / S Series and Xbox One, but it could also become a PlayStation exclusive e PC as Detroit: Become Human had been. Furthermore, it should also be a open world, with elements related to multiplayer. We just have to wait for confirmation from the company, or other leaks from journalists or insiders.

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