R-Type Final 2: announced the arrival of the Stage Pass Volume 2

New updates are coming on the latest chapter of the historic shoot ’em up: through an official press release released in the past few hours, R-Type Final 2 will soon receive its new Stage Pass Volume 2, containing all the latest most important DLCs

If we talk about R-Type, many probably don’t have a clue what it is. In reality this series has its roots back over the years: originally made for arcade cabinets in Japan (only in recent years has it managed to overcome national barriers and reach the rest of the world), it has evolved over time, leading to the creation of 10 titles, the last of which was released in April of this year. year.

Well, after the release of the game and various DLC which expand the number of internships, the developer Granzella, through an official press release released in the past few hours, has made it known that it will be made, for R-Type Final 2, the new Stage Pass Volume 2, thanks to which you will be able to access the whole second wave of DLC coming soon. Let’s see the details below.

All contents of Stage Pass Volume 2 in R-Type Final 2

As already mentioned above, the game was released on April 30, 2021, and since its release various DLCs have also been released (called “DLC Set”) which extend the internship number present in the game. The latest DLC Set released, namely the number 4 (released on the stores yesterday and containing two new stages), is the first to be part of the Stage Pass Volume 2 of R-Type Final 2. The other two, namely the Set 5 DLC and the Set 6 DLC, will contain two and three new stages respectively, and are expected to be released respectively for mid-November and mid-December (even if specific dates have not been communicated).

R-Type Final 2: announced the arrival of the Stage Pass Volume 2

There is also to report the fact that due to some politiche retail present in North America and the European Union, the final boss within the Stage Y1.0 nel DLC Set 4 it will be slightly different from the original Japanese version. In particular, changes will be made for the version PS4 of the game in North America and for the version Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe.

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