Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released under the name of Extraction

On the occasion of E3, Ubisoft let the public and fans know that the title known as Rainbow Six Quarantine has been renamed Rainbow Six Extraction

We are now close to E3. Ubisoft will be present with a dedicated conference on June 12 at 21:00. For the occasion, the company is disclosing a series of press releases to the public taking advantage of the media attention. One of these concerns the game in progress known as Rainbow Six Quarantine. According to the last teaser, the title known as Rainbow Six Quarantine will change its name and become Rainbow Six Extraction. Let’s go together to discover the details of this decision.

Rainbow Six Extraction is the new name of the previous Quarantine

Over time there have been several rumor that suggested a name change for Rainbow Six Quarantine by Ubisoft. The reason is easy to guess, given the real-world quarantine situation due to the da pandemic COVID. With the’Ubisoft Forward at the gates, the studio confirmed the final name with a short teaser. Rainbow Six Quarantine will thus come out under the name of Rainbow Six Extraction. In this teaser, in addition to the name change, the title is briefly discussed. The new shooter coop set in the Tom Clancy universe will certainly be deepened during the conference, so stay tuned to our pages.

Rainbow Six Quarantine will be released under the name of Extraction

In the video we can see some fragments of one cut scene. From what is known so far, the game is a co-op experience in which the Operators they must survive a threat alien. The title therefore seems to give a more “fantasy” twist and dark to the series, especially with respect to Siege. The game was postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Which means we will probably have one more game upon release finished and with fewer bugs than the end result of hasty development. To conclude, we look forward to the E3 conference of Ubisoft to know more.

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