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Rakuten Kobo – the perfect gift for any eventuality

Here are all the proposals from Rakuten Kobo to amaze all types of readers with the right gift. Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, every occasion is perfect to give a Kobo device as a gift

Rakuten Kobo Inc. is a worldwide retailer of digital books and audio books owned by Rakuten Group, Inc. (here for more info) based in Tokyo and the headquarters in Toronto. Created by book lovers for book lovers, the Kobo platform has 58 million users worldwide who can read anytime, anywhere, on any device. With a mission to improve the reading experience for all, Rakuten Kobo connects readers to stories through a careful and personalized selection of eBooks and audiobooks. Offering the best eReaders and apps dedicated to reading. With Rakuten Kobo, choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones and their reading needs has never been easier.

Details on Rakuten Kobo, the perfect gift

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas … the hectic shopping season is upon us and the search for the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones has started! We know, close to the holidays, time is scarce, ideas are always confused and the fear that your gift is not really appreciated is great. Here, then, is that Rakuten Kobo runs to your rescue and helps you choose from a wide range of cutting-edge eReaders, excellent allies for any type of reader. There’s no point in lying, tech gifts are the best ever. Practical (because you can’t go wrong size and you can easily order them online), always welcome (because they are really useful) and as if that weren’t enough, also very comfortable to wrap compared to a vase or a shirt!

The Latest generation eReader designed by Rakuten Kobo, a leading company in the eReading sector, they are suitable for all types of booklovers. From lovers of more traditional reading to lovers of stories to listen to in audiobook format. Compact and simple to use, they are packed with high-end features, but at a very affordable price. So here’s a review of Kobo models to help you choose the perfect device for you or your loved ones.

KOBO CLARA 2E: A green device with customizable features

Il Kobo Clara 2E it is the ideal gift for the most environmentally conscious who like to choose the green way of sustainability. Made from recycled plastic and plastic potentially destined for the oceans, this eco-friendly eReader boasts big news in a small format. Kobo Clara 2E helps you immerse yourself in reading with his touchscreen HD E Ink Carta 1200 da 6” updated with Dark Mode and ComfortLight PRO. Which allows you to read in the dark without compromising the quality of sleep thanks to the reduction of blue light. THE 16GB of storage Kobo Clara 2E can host tons of Kobo eBooks and audiobooks. While the tecnologia wireless Bluetooth allows you to listen to them wherever you want. The Kobo Clara 2E, waterproof against the bathtub and unexpected splashes, can become an excellent travel companion for all reading enthusiasts.

KOBO NIA: Many books in a small space

Il Kobo Nia is the device suitable for those who are always in a hurry and try to escape from reality and allow themselves some time for reading in the hectic everyday life. Thanks to his 8GB of storageKobo Nia allows you to take anywhere up to 6,000 eBooks. With its 6 ”anti-glare touchscreen it does not take up too much space and guarantees comfort thanks to the adjustable ComfortLight. What’s more, Kobo Nia’s battery never seems to run out. A single charge can last for weeks. One reading leads to another with Kobo Nia but don’t worry, the Kobo eBookstore is open 24/7, right on your eReader.

Rakuten Kobo - the perfect gift for any eventuality

KOBO LIBRA 2: Ergonomic design and buttons to turn the page

More storage, a faster E Ink screen and the tecnologia wireless Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks. 2 Pound Coins it is a fantastic gift even for the most demanding and difficult to please. Packed with features and personality, as well as 32GB of memory, Kobo Libra 2 has an ergonomic design that allows the firm grip of the device and the buttons to turn the page so as not to interrupt the reading. The Kobo Libra 2 is available in two colors, black and white, and you can customize it with one of its SleepCovers.

KOBO SAGE: Many accessories for an increasingly engaging reading experience

For those who love taking refuge in history, always learning something new and enjoying the pleasure of reading, there is Kobo Sage. The most complete eReader ever presents all of Kobo’s features in one elegant guise and one tecnologia wireless Bluetooth to listen to all audiobooks available on Kobo Plus. The superior performance 8 ″ HD E Ink Carta 1200 flush touchscreen exhibits high contrast and no glare. Created to make reading even more enjoyable. The Kobo Sage has some custom accessories. SleepCover, PowerCover e Kobo Stylusthe Kobo digital pen with which grandparents can deepen their reading and save their notes on other devices via Dropbox.

Rakuten Kobo - the perfect gift for any eventuality

KOBO ELIPSA: One eReader, a world of ideas

Il Elipsa blanket it can be a great solution for reading and writing enthusiasts, who like to take notes in the margins of books and highlight their favorite paragraphs. A book, a notebook and a library in one device, this eReader is equipped with everything you need to turn ideas into reality. The Kobo Elipsa package, consisting of theeReader Blanket Ellipsethe Kobo Stylus and the SleepCover Kobo Elipsa, offers a one-of-a-kind experience for sophisticated friends. Thanks to the Kobo Stylus, in fact, you can take notes on a large 10.3 ″ touchscreen and have the same feeling of handwriting, but on MyScript.

In addition, you can also create your own notes, instantly convert them into digital text and, if necessary, export them from your device. With tecnologia wireless Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks, Kobo Elipsa owns 32GB of storage and a SleepCover to protect the device and put it in standby. In short … Elipsa will not be able to disappoint even the most demanding of readers!

Rakuten Kobo, a device for every need

The thrill of buying the people we love a perfect gift and watching their eyes light up with joy is certainly priceless. With their many functionalities and cutting-edge features, i devices signed by Rakuten Kobo they are excellent buyers. Able to satisfy all your or your loved ones’ reading and listening needs!

And you? What do you think of this range of devices Rakuten Kobo to give as a gift just in case? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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