Range Rover Evoque: two new models enrich the range

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Range Rover Evoque: The elegant Bronze Collection and the powerful P300 HST join the latest Evoque Autobiography to make the Evoque range even more luxurious and sophisticated. Let’s go and see its characteristics and strengths

  • Bronze Collection: the exclusive Bronze Collection Special Edition is available in three colors with unique interior and exterior design elements including Corinthian Bronze contrast roof and Burnished Copper side vents;
  • A stealth sportswoman: the powerful Evoque P300 HST offers the Black Pack, the Gloss Black sliding panoramic roof, 20 ″ Gloss Black wheels with red brake calipers and the powerful Ingenium petrol;
  • Power and efficiency: Range Rover Evoque is available with a whole range of powerful and efficient mild hybrids including a three-cylinder Ingenium 1.5-liter petrol engine, plus the P300e PHEV;
  • In charge: the P300e PHEV in SAVE mode optimizes the regenerative charge of the battery, bringing it to 80% of the charge in just 90 minutes;
  • State-of-the-art infotainment: the most advanced Land Rover, Pivi and Pivi Pro systems are now available on the Evoque. The intuitive menu structure allows access to the most common features and functions with two taps – or less – from a single home screen;
  • Greater connectivity: online media include Spotify integrated into the infotainment menu as a “media source”, with data included, Bluetooth connectivity for two smartphones at the same time, and wireless charging with the option of the signal amplifier Bluetooth connectivity for two smartphones at the same time, and wireless charging with option the signal amplifier;
  • Software over-the-air: the SIM of the integrated dual modem allows programmed software updates without having to go to the Dealership for the latest versions of the apps, maps, services and vehicle software;
  • Passenger welfare: the new air filtration system eliminates particulates, allergens, pollen and even strong odors from the cabin. Level control on the touchscreen;
  • ADAS smart: the full range of technologies available includes the Rear Traffic and Rear Collision Monitor, and the optional 3D Surround Camera;
  • Available from today for orders: The Range Rover Evoque Bronze Collection can be ordered with prices starting from Euro 57,680. It can be configured on: landrover.it

The appeal of the Range Rover Evoque, the luxury compact SUV was further enhanced in 2021 with the launch of the luxurious Range Rover Bronze Collection and the powerful Range Rover Evoque P300 HST. These special editions complement Range Rover Evoque Autobiography, the pinnacle of the range, launched in 2020.

The new Bronze Collection starts from the luxury and design Range Rover Evoque based on the rich equipment of the Evoque S. Externally, the new model is distinguished by the Corinthian Bronze contrast roof, the Burnished Copper side air intakes and the exclusive wheels in 20 ″ five-spoke Satin Dark Gray alloy.

It is available in three colors – Carpathian Gray, Santorini Black and Seoul Pearl Silver – variants that emphasize the characteristic suspended roof and the reductive design of the Evoque exteriors. Inside, Natural Gray Ash wood upholstery, exclusive Bronze Collection floor mats with metal corners and Ebony embossed leather seat covers create an immediate feeling of luxury.

The Bronze Collection Special Edition is available with the full range of next generation Ingenium petrol and diesel engines.

Professor Gerry McGovern, OBE, Chief Creative Officer, Jaguar Land Rover, declares: “The Range Rover Evoque has a unique personality, and the Bronze Collection Special Edition declines it with a special refinement creating, with delicate copper touches and the contrasting roof, a timeless modernity that inspires desirability and a strong emotional bond. . “

The Range Rover Evoque P300 HST is also available. The special edition, powered exclusively by the 300 HP 2.0-liter Ingenium petrol engine, brings all its decisive appeal to the family of the compact luxury SUV. Inspired by the stealth and performance look of the Range Rover Sport HST, the new edition is based on the Evoque R-Dynamic S and features a unique combination of interior and exterior upgrades.

Powered by 300 HP Ingenium petrol, the P300 HST accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. This 4 × 4 model, with its nine-speed automatic transmission and advanced Terrain Response 2, combines dynamic road handling with Range Rover’s all-terrain capabilities.

The Evoque Autobiography, unveiled in 2020, is the pinnacle of the line-up, and represents the sophistication and luxury synonymous with Range Rover. The flagship Evoque Autobiography boasts an elegant exterior design and luxurious interior, and is also available in a plug-in hybrid version, for those who want an even more sustainable and efficient SUV.

For 2021 the SAVE mode of the PHEV has been improved, and allows for more effective charging while driving, when the battery charge is saved for a later part of the journey: at the constant speed of 112 km / h the battery can reach the 80% charge in just 90 minutes.

In addition to the P300e PHEV, the Evoque offers a whole range of engines including two efficient next generation four-cylinder Ingenium diesels with MHEV technology. With a belt starter and a battery pack, MHEV vehicles recover the energy normally lost in deceleration, returning it to the vehicle’s 48 Volt battery to the benefit of performance and consumption. With the power, respectively of 163 HP and 204 HP, these engines are more powerful than the previous ones, with better CO2 emissions and consumption figures. The D165 MHEV AWD records CO2 emissions of 168g / km and fuel consumption of 6.4l / 100km, while the D165 FWD has CO2 data of 168g / km and fuel consumption up to 6.0l / 100km.

The 1.5-liter 3-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine that equips the Evoque – the P160 – is available with an eight-speed automatic transmission and offers efficient and refined access to the world of Evoque. The P160 – the same engine as the P300e Plug-in version – delivers 160 HP (118 kW) with 260 Nm of torque, offers performance and economy, thanks also to the lightness of the structure and front-wheel drive. It has CO2 emissions from 179 g / km and fuel consumption up to 7.9 l / 100 km.

Customers will also have a wide choice of petrol engines with the P200, P250 and P300, all with MHEV technology.

The digital experience is totally transformed, thanks to the presence of the new Land Rover infotainment, the Pivi. The system is ready to use as soon as it is turned on – a separate data plan and battery ensure there are no delays. Software updates are available over-the-air via the integrated no-cost connection, and can also be scheduled at your preferred times. This always ensures the latest versions of maps and vehicle apps and systems,

This ensures customers always have the latest maps, apps and vehicle features without having to go to the dealership. The system is made possible by the new Electric Architecture (EVA) and is available with Pivi or Pivi Pro starting from the S.

Streaming music and multimedia has never been easier, with Spotify integrated as a “media source” in the infotainment menu – data included – and Bluetooth connectivity for two phones at the same time. Wireless charging is also present, with the option of a signal amplifier3. The Activity Key is also available, a second generation proximity key, which allows you to lock and unlock the doors and start the engine while remaining close to the vehicle.

Alex Heslop, Director of Electrical Engineering di Jaguar Land Rover, ha dichiarato: “The infotainment of our bestselling compact SUVs is transformed by the new electrical system structure and the Pivi. The software and hardware make the Range Rover Evoque more digitally connected than ever. Today the system is similar to a smartphone in responsiveness and ease of use, and is constantly improving thanks to Software-Over-The-Air updates. “

Today it is possible to control the air quality in the cabin from the touchscreen, activating the new Cabin Air Filtration system which excludes from the cabin the fine particles that are often breathed in the city. The system, introduced in addition to the existing air ionization function in the passenger compartment, filters out fine particles, allergens, pollen and even strong odors. The system is able to filter ultrafine particles (up to and even below PM2.5). The system is able to filter particulate matter equal to and lower than PM2.5. Once the “Purify” mode is activated, the device filters and controls the internal air in relation to the ambient air. The touchscreen confirms that the air in the cabin is purer than the air outside.

Completing the other technological updates is the range of advanced driver assistance systems of the Evoque, which has obtained the five Euro NCAP stars. The new Rear Collision Monitor monitors the rear of the Evoque by means of a radar, which is thus prepared to reduce the violence of a possible impact; the optional 3D Surround Camera monitors the vehicle’s surrounding area at speeds of up to 30.6km / h to facilitate maneuvering and navigating difficult terrain.

The new Range Rover Evoque is now available to order, with prices starting at: € 41,155.