Ransomware: Italy is among the three most attacked nations in the world

Ransomware: Italia terza nazione al mondo più attaccata thumbnail

In the first months of 2022, Italy continues to remain among the countries most affected by cybercriminals in the world. In particular, with regard to the ransomware in January it was the third most attacked nation, on a par with India, the seventh in February. On the subject of malware instead, Italy was the ninth most affected country in January and the seventh in February.

The figure emerges from the latest survey carried out by Trend Micro Research, the division of Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity reference, specializing in “research & development and the fight against cybercrime”.

Ransomware: Italy third most attacked nation in the world

Going into the specifics, you can see how in January the total number of ransomware intercepted worldwide was 785,000, in February 1,184,000. Italy in January received 4.83% of attacks being preceded – if we can say so, in this particular ranking, where to excel is certainly not the best – only from the United States (31.60%), France (5.94%) and is on a par with India (4.83%), while in February Italy was hit by 3.55% of ransomware that fell all over the world finding in front of him alone United States (24.81%), Turkey (9.76%), Japan (8.96%), Russia (5.98%), India (4.63%) and the Netherlands (3.82%).

The sectors most affected by ransomware are manufacturing, PA and financial services.

Malware: in the months of January and February, Italy was hit by over 17 billion total attacks (17,707,911).

The data is the result of the analysis of the Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro’s global intelligence network that identifies and analyzes threats and constantly updates the online database relating to cyber incidents, to block attacks in real time thanks to the best technology available on the market . The Smart Protection Network is made up of over 250 million sensors and blocks an average of 65 billion threats per year, with a record of 94 billion threats blocked in 2021.

Finally, between January and February 2022 Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Network handled 927 billion queries and stopped 18.4 million (18,451,000) threats, approximately 65 percent of which came via email.

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