Razer Chroma: finally lands also in the Smart Home

The new Razer Smart Home will be the innovative App that will incorporate Razer Chroma into the world of Smart Home. Let’s find out in this article

Razer, the global leader in lifestyle gaming, announces the expansion of lighting technology into the smart home Razer Chroma RGB. Through the new app Razer Smart Home, it will be possible to control and customize all the devices connected to the PC ecosystems e mobile.

How does it work?

Razer introduced the Razer Smart Home App, a simple yet powerful tool that puts complete, unified control in the user’s hands. There Razer Smart Home App simplifies the configuration process and personalization by creating a single smart home ecosystem. Richard Hashim, Razer’s VP of Growth commented on the upcoming rollout:

The future of living in a smart home has never been so bright. Razer Chroma RGB has been in the hearts of fans from the very beginning, and today Razer marries technology and functionality in the Razer Smart Home App, giving users total and creative control of their environment.

Razer Chroma: finally lands also in the Smart Home

Programma Razer Chroma Smart Home

An open invitation to partner hardware of the smart home industry to give birth to products can be integrated into the smart home with the Razer ecosystem. Razer Chroma RGB currently supports thousands of devices over 50 partner hardware and beyond 200 built-in games natively, making it the largest lighting ecosystem in the world for gaming devices.

Thanks to the current program Razer Chroma RGB Connected Devices, PC hardware partners can access Razer’s lighting protocol and integrate their product offerings into the PC gaming ecosystem.

Not only that, because the program Razer Chroma Smart Home it is also an opportunity for new partners to be part of the largest lighting ecosystem for gaming devices. The Razer Chroma Smart Home program currently includes partners such as Nanoleaf, LIFX, Yeelight, Monster and Twinkly, with more partners on the way.

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