Togg, sustainable mobility at CES 2022

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Makes its debut at CES 2022 Togg, a Turkish company that aims to revolutionize the market automotive. In fact, the company aims to combine electric powertrain, autonomous and interconnected systems in a single concept called Use-Case Mobility. E to Las Vegas presents a Electric SUV drawn together with Pininfarina which embodies this new concept.

Togg brings sustainable mobility to CES 2022

The first Turkish company for sustainable mobility wants to bring a mix of solid technologies and futuristic ideas to Las Vegas. A powerful entry into the automotive world, thanks to Use-Case Mobility concepty. The company wants to combine the advantages of the most important technological innovations of recent years. The engine electric, and systems autonomous e connected. All in a single intelligent ecosystem geared towards user needs.

The CEO of the company M. Gurcan Karakas explains: “After a long period of design and development by our design and engineering teams we are ready to introduce Togg technology to the world at CES 2022. I can’t wait to introduce UseCase Mobility® and to reveal its potential. ”

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Not just a new concept, but also a model to present it. During the presentation (you can retrieve it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram), the CEO presented an SUV designed in Italy with Pininfarina. The company also showed how it is possible to receive traffic and weather data in order to better manage driving. But also the ability to manage the smart home while you come home from work, starting the washing machine or turning on the heat.

The cockpit is also splendid with 3D images and elements in augmented reality, which make it clear how much the company is actually projected to the future. Later, Togg may also throw one sedan it’s a hatchback. A future that promises to be bright, if these are the conditions.