Razer for the environment: partnership in collaboration with Clearbot

Razer wants to help the environment with new partnership in collaboration with Clearbot, aiming to clean up oceans around the world

The brand Razer is known for the production of many accessories, monitors, PC and other products related to the world of gaming, also as regards customization and compatibility with all the main consoles available on the market. Today the company is pleased to announce a new initiative to help the environment with the new partnership developed in collaboration with the company Clearbot: Razer has developed in close contact with the startup a real “robot” that will allow to clean the oceans of the tons of plastic that are accumulated every year all over the world; the robot will use advanced AI and Machine learning technologies and will allow you to collect up to 250 kg plastic underwater.

These are the declarations of Chief of Staff of Razer, Patricia Liu:

We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with a startup focused on safeguarding the environment “. “The AI ​​exclusive of ClearBot and advanced machine learning technology will enable governments and organizations around the world to expand their sustainability efforts. We urge other innovative startups to contact Razer for collaborative opportunities to make the world a safer place for future generations

The importance of environmental sustainability

For some time now, Razer promotes various initiatives in support of the environment, as well as partnerships in collaboration with Clearbot, the most recent is the movement called #GoGreenWithRazer, which involves the company’s community all over the world, promoting respect for the environment and techniques to safeguard it as best as possible; for example, last year the company promoted the safeguarding and consecutive protection of about 300,000 saved trees around the world, and upon reaching 100,000 saved trees, the company releases themed gadgets of its mascot, Snack Snack.

Razer for the environment: partnership in collaboration with Clearbot

The image shows the trees saved and the gadgets unlocked by the company: for every 100,000 trees saved, a new gadget is unlocked

With 300,000 protected trees, Razer has now launched two new articles. There Razer Sneki Snek Eye Mask has a padded design with a velvety finish for comfort dream and undisturbed rest. The Razer Sneki Snek Floor Rug protects floors from everyday wear and is made with noise dampers for unobstructed movement of the ready. In line with the mascot’s sustainability goals Razer, both the mask and the mats are made from 100% recycled materials.

Sidhant Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of ClearBot, declares:

The team’s proactive approach Razer in solving the problems linked to the pollution of the seas he was extremely enlightening. We are grateful to the team who offered their time for this project ”. “With the new model we are confident to expand collaborations globally to protect marine waters, starting with partners that include port operators in Asia and ONG who have already expressed interest. With Razer, we look forward to bringing about positive change for the world

The environment is a theme increasingly used by companies to raise public awareness and their community of reference, without a healthy environment you could not live in normal conditions, so it must be protected by every possible means, in order to avoid environmental disasters. which will have repercussions in the future, if you do not have the right sensitivity to the issue.

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