Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Here is the new version of Elgato’s Stream Deck 5.0 app for streaming professionals and digital content creators

Elgato, a leading provider of hardware and software products for streamers and content creators, announced today the launch of Stream Deck 5.0, a major app update that includes the integration of the Stream Deck Store, an online distribution platform for plugins, icon packs, video tutorials, expert tips plus thousands of music tracks and sound effects not subject to license. Stream Deck 5.0 is available today as a free update.

Stream Deck, is Elgato’s famous tactile interface equipped with fully customizable LCD buttons which facilitates the work of content creators by allowing them to manage myriads of apps and interactions at the push of a button. From today, in addition to an optimization that affects Stream Deck as a whole, the Stream Deck Store will offer content creators a wide range of digital assets that they can use to enrich their content and significantly increase the production value of the streaming. The Stream Deck Store includes five sections: Discover (find out what’s new), Plugins (plugins), Icons (icons), Music (music) and Sound Effects (sound effects).

Discover: the news of the world of Stream Deck

Stream Deck is constantly evolving and content creators are constantly looking for new ways to make the most of their Stream Deck. In the Discover section, all fans can learn about the latest plugins and updates, watch tutorials and interviews and look for the right inspiration to discover new ways to use their Stream Deck.

Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Plugins: integration of apps and tools with Stream Deck

From broadcasting to editing, to design and development, up to interconnection and studio automation, Stream Deck plugins facilitate any type of work making it more linear and intuitive. Content creators will be able to access over 100 plug-ins, easy to find and install thanks to the “Plugins” section in the Stream Deck Store. New plug-ins will be constantly added by Elgato and partners, as well as independent developers using the free Stream Deck SDK.

Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Icons: Trendy design for Stream Deck buttons

Button icons allow content creators to easily locate actions and get visual confirmation of the execution of a given command. Icons also allow you to customize the look of Stream Deck, and creators will now be able to download a huge assortment of wonderful ones ready-made icon packs made by graphic design professionals such as “Visuals By Impulse”. Furthermore, as with previous software versions, each enthusiast will have the possibility to customize their icons as desired.

Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Music: Thousands of unlicensed songs

Stream Deck users are usual integrate a high-quality music track into an introductory stage of streaming, or during a break and from now on it will be even simpler and more intuitive. Ranging from hip-hop and dance to chill and melancholy, it will be possible to add thousands of songs of all kinds to Twitch and YouTube content without infringing on copyrights.

Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Sound Effects: Thousands of unlicensed samples

Stream Deck is it optimal tool to bring sound effects to life. From scratches on the blackboard to the creaking of a door, to applause and sirens, the Sound Effects section includes a set of sound effects dedicated to any event, theme or topic. Just like music, with the sound effects featured in the Stream Deck Store there is no risk of copyright infringement or rules of the DMCA. The Stream Deck command interfaces are available in variants with six, fifteen and thirty-two buttons, as well as a mobile app with fifteen virtual buttons. All devices are compatible with Stream Deck 5.0 and every today’s or future enthusiast will be able to use their experience to create professional audiovisual productions.

Elgato Stream Deck 5.0: all the news of the new version

Availability, warranty and prices

Stream Deck 5.0 is available to all Stream Deck users and can be downloaded for free using any version of the Stream Deck software. For more information and to download, please refer to the official website. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!