Razer Kraken V3 Pro review: the sensational haptic gaming headphones

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That Razer is one of the top of the range companies for gamers is certainly not a secret, but surpassing one’s excellence is a potentially difficult task even for Razer … or not? To set a new standard of quality in the already diverse world of Razer, comes the new series of cuffie Kraken V3. In this review we will go to discover and analyze the Razer Kraken V3 Pro, the most performing, technological and expensive model of the Kraken family. Let’s find out more

The review of the Razer Kraken V3 Pro headphones

The Razer Kraken V3 Pro are haptic wireless headphones designed to work on PC and any other gaming console also of a new, or rather current, generation. Thanks to Razer HyperSense technology these promising headphones aim to make you perceive sounds with a vibration, a tactile experience for unprecedented immersion.

But let’s start with order.


The Razer Kraken V3 Pro present themselves at their best, like all Razer products. They sport an all black design in a solid structure made with high quality materials. What immediately catches the eye are obviously the pavilions. THE cuscinetti over-ear are hybrids, made in memory foam, fabric and imitation leather that guarantee unprecedented comfort even for prolonged use of headphones. the external part instead is characterized by an innovative design with a perforated plastic ring and a large circular section where we find the Razer logo with the inevitable RGB lights. A real sight when only turned on.

The rest of the structure is characterized by a reinforced steel structure, solid but at the same time flexible and from soft band also in imitation leather resting on the head. Speaking of which, for a pair of wireless headphones, the weight is really low. We are talking about approx 372 grams which, in the genre of wireless headphones, represents an excellent result.

In the back of the pavilions we find the buttons to adjust all the functions of the headphones. In the left pavilion we have one volume wheel, play and pause buttonwhich if pressed for several seconds turns the headphones off and on, a 3.5mm jack input, the type C input for battery charging and the microphone input, included in the package. The latter is a Detachable 9.9mm Razer Hyperclearer Supercardioid Microphone able to eliminate noise in the room and faithfully reproduce the sound of the voice.

Included in the package we also find the Type C-USB charging cable, a Jack cable for cross-platform operation, the Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Technology USB receiver and a practical instruction booklet.


The magic of the Razer Kraken V3 Pro happens inside and is reflected in one exceptional sound quality with the liveliness of vibration. In fact, in these headphones we find the most recent patented Razer Triforce 50mm titanium drivers. These are titanium-coated diaphragms capable of delivering exceptional highs, mids and lows for maximum definition and more accurate sound reproduction. The use of titanium in fact gives greater clarity whether you are in a call, in a game or simply listening to music. The response returned by the headphones is as fast as it is accurate for crystal clear and vivid sound.

Without doubt the most intriguing novelty of the Kraken V3 Pro is the Aptica HyperSense technology. In short, the headphones vibrate depending on the sound, bass and action at play. Going into more detail, Razer HyperSense lets you feel the gaming action on your skin by adding an intelligent haptic vibration to the sound. Unlike the classic vibration (that of the console controllers to understand) the haptic vibration processes the intelligent signal using a wide range of frequencies (20 – 200Hz) for a more natural and realistic feeling. I driver aptici L5 Lofelt in each ear cup deliver exceptional stereo reproduction.

The most intriguing part of this technology is that you will not have to do absolutely anything to enjoy it, the Kraken V3 Pro are in fact Plug and Play headphones. You will obviously be able to activate, increase and deactivate the vibration using the appropriate button in the right pavilion. It goes without saying that the Kraken V3 Pro wireless headphones are also compatible with the software Razer Synapse to manage in detail all the settings of the headphones and microphone.

Our test of the Razer Kraken V3 Pro

Razer Kraken V3 Pro review

For the writing of this review, we have been testing the Razer Kraken V3 Pro wireless headphones for about three weeks during which they replaced our regular wireless headphones (LucidSound LS50X).

We immediately remove all doubts, these headphones are truly extraordinary. Despite our purely professional efforts, we haven’t been able to find a noteworthy flaw that could compromise the fantastic experience wearing these headphones turned out to be. The sound rendition is excellent, whatever the volume or intensity, you will feel like you are hearing the best possible quality. Obviously they give their best during video games and believe us, we have tested them everywhere. Not only on PC with a disproportionate variant of games, but also on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, on the smart TV and on virtually any device that has a USB input where to insert the receiver.

Also excellentsignal amplitude that in our house of about 80sqm2, it never gave way no matter how far we went from the receiver. Also satisfactory battery life that, although it varies according to the use we make of it, will allow you to arrive safely at the end of the day and beyond. In case the battery runs out (the headphones will emit a signal), you can simply connect the USB cable and continue to use them.

At this point we cannot fail to talk about the haptic vibration. We had tried this technology before but it was nothing comparable to what the Kraken V3 Pro headphones are capable of returning. A vibration consistent with what happens in the game, never exaggerated and never annoying, we will hardly be able to go back to another pair of headphones.

The microphone is also excellent although it does not represent an excellence, it is able to return a clear and clear voice sound, but we would not buy these headphones for the quality of the microphone.

The Kraken V3 Pro review at a glance

Speaking of Razer, we knew we were dealing with a premium-end device, but the cards put on the table reach a new standard with these Kraken V3 Pro. Small flaws such as microphone recording quality are a drop in the ocean of technology, design and quality of these wireless headphones.

Some might turn up their noses at the price, which currently amounts to around € 250, but let me tell you that the quality has a price and that of the Kraken V3 Pro deserves a lot.

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