Recensione Aragorn: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

In this review we will analyze the Aragorn action figure (coming from LOTR) produced by Diamond Select Toys

We had already mentioned it to you: the reviews of collectibles belonging to the film saga of “The Lord of the Rings“Would not end here. Once again, the protagonist of the review will be an action figure made by Diamond Select Toys for his collection based on the film adaptation of Peter Jackson.

After the analysis of the Hobbit protagonist, that of Legolas, Gimli and even the Nazgûl, could he possibly be missing? Pretending you haven’t read the title, let’s talk about Aragorn: the heir to the throne of Gondor.

Directly from the “Series 3“Of this collection, let’s examine this figure which, leaving aside the unsuccessful attempt by Toy Biz, is proposed as the only figure in circulation, representing Aragorn, at an affordable price!

The Packaging – Aragorn Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select


By purchasing Aragorn we will get both the left arm and the left leg to compose Sauron in 1:10 scale! After that, let’s talk about the accessories that accompany our Granpasso.

As you can see, as “additional accessories” we have both one torch, done quite well, with the translucent flame, but the neck a little too smooth, and (above all) the Andúril sword reforged. The latter is really beautiful and even includes engravings on both the blade and the scabbard.

Both the sword and the dagger, placed in the scabbards he wore I am Furthermore removable. Although the latter is quite classic, the stiletto impressed us with the engraved details and because, frankly, we didn’t expect it to be removable.

The only “downside” about accessories is the fact of not being able to interchange the sleeve installed with that much more particular and full of details of Andúril.

La figure – Recensione Aragorn: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

This 1:10 scale figure reaches a height of approximately 18.5cm. The thing that immediately catches the eye is that yes, finally, we have a noteworthy figure of Aragorn with the face of Viggo Mortensen! As you can see, the model is quite well sculpted and there is no lack of details, even minute ones, such as theBarahir ring, albeit devoid of green painting. In this version, the heir to the throne is represented with his classic robes. However both the cloak is missing, than the iconic green pin.

Regarding painting, this collection continues to leave us really satisfied. It’s true: more shades of color would certainly have improved the overall performance, but there are applications of dirt both on the pants and on the boots, but also on the bottom of the jacket. The “economic” nature of the figures is evident, however, due to some minor painting errors.

Posabilità – Recensione Aragorn: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

For the second time, after the Nazgûl, we are faced with a figure from this collection with double joints, on both elbows and knees. Let me be clear, despite the rather soft clothes, posability is not the best, however much better than others of the same wave. Although the movement of the head is quite limited by the hair, the joint at the bust manages to solve this problem a bit. In general, it is also good from this point of view but, as we have already said, there is still room for improvement.

Let’s sum it up

As we have reiterated several times, it is difficult if not impossible to find collectible products belonging to “The Lord of the Rings” at such affordable prices. This Aragorn figures not only is it in line with others regarding cost, but represents one of the best Diamond Select proposals belonging to this collection.

Finally we find a face faithful to that of the actor, double joints that (hey!) Improve the general posability a bit (although there is still some work to be done) and a wide range of accessories available. To be the first figure of Aragorn, made by Diamond Select Toys, we are really satisfied with the work done and we are completely confident for a possible second version!

But this is not the day!

Points in favor

  • Finally, we have the double joints …
  • Numerous details of dirt and side painting shades
  • The face is very faithful to that of Viggo Mortensen
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Price

Points against

  • … however, posability could still improve
  • Inability to mount the Andúril sword sheath
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