Recensione First 4 Figures, Link (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

From the Nintendo masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: BOTW, comes this statue of Link by First 4 Figures with lots of LED lighting: let’s analyze it carefully during this review

Released way back in 2017 in conjunction with Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: BOTW represents one of the best gaming experiences ever. Despite the 4 years on his shoulders, in fact, it still remains the killer-app of the hybrid console belonging to the great N. The merits of its success are various, such as the artistic sector based on Cel-shading, a simple gameplay but which at the same time presents a myriad of possibilities, as well as an open world with a capital “O”. As the name itself says, it will seem to be catapulted into the wildest nature where you have full freedom of your actions.

A title that has set such a high standard, creating a sort of “new videogame genre”, could only have one of the most loyal fanbases ever. And is there anything more beautiful for a Breath Of The Wild fan than having something physical belonging to it? Well, we believe not!

First 4 Figures came to meet the fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, creating the statues of Link and Princess Zelda. What we have had the opportunity to analyze is precisely the Collector’s Edition Statue of the paladin of Hyrule. Let’s see it in detail, analyzing every aspect!

The packaging

Let’s start by saying that this is, in fact, the second version of the original statue depicting Link as we see it in The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. The difference between the classic version and this edition lies in the LED lighting present in the model we analyzed. There is also one of the new “reissue” Exlusive Edition, enriched by a premium box, a card that verifies its authenticity, in addition to the base engraved with the unique number of the limited edition.

Apparently coming out of a shrine, the box that contains the statue is really very beautiful. With a white, light gray and golden runic motif which acts as a background to the entire surface, the box has a window on the front facade that also extends to the sides. On the front there is also the logo of the statue and an image of the protagonist taken from the first official cover of the title. In addition to this there is a sticker that illustrates the lighting it is equipped with, in addition to the holographic authenticity sticker.

Left and right we have a continuation of the main illustration and the various logos, both of the title and of the company. Then are illustrated i dragons drawn on the “Wayfarer’s Shield” on the sides and back. Retro which contains a very brief description of the game plot and the protagonist, in addition to some pictures of Link’s statue and below that depicting the Princess.

Recensione First 4 Figures, Link  (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

Although there is nothing relevant at the bottom, the upper side features another window adorned with the Sheikah symbol in a gold color. Once the three seals have been removed, we will be able to pull out the plastic blister containing the statue from the upper side. This protection is Great and enjoys well 6 interlocking points to avoid unwanted openings. Inside, in addition to the figures, we will find a sheet containing 500 Rewars Points to be included in the F4F website. In addition to that, this sheet illustrates the possibility of cut the background present in the box, in order to create a Diorama Backdrop and exhibit the statue.

Composition of the statue – Review First 4 Figures, Link (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

Although the large windows leave little to the imagination, it is out of the box that the statue comes to life. With a’height of 24.7cm including the base and a maximum depth of 22cm, this is the re-edition of the first First 4 Figures statue to be made completely (almost) in PVC. Material used essentially to cut costs, it is true, but which surprised us in some respects and disappointed us in others.

Without ifs and buts, the glance that will make you say “WOW” is there. Distinguished by its typical pose while aiming in flight, this one Link alto ben 21,5cm it also extends deep. Adorned by the Tunic of the Champion and come on Pantaloni Hylia, Link brandisce l’Traveler’s Arch ready to shoot one Ancestral arrow. On the back we find one Traveler’s shield in plain sight, with one underneath Wayfarer’s sword and the quiver with 6 arrows inside. Its equipment is enriched by the Sheikah tablet placed on the belt: essential object in the events of Breath Of The Wild.

The base circular in shape boasts a diameter of 13.2cm for the upper part and, widening downwards, measures 13.8cm. Enriched by runes of cyan coloring for the whole perimeter, there is it Coat of arms of the goddess Hylia on the top with some hieroglyphs around. All these details have the same color and are engraved in the black plastic that makes up the stand. In the rear part there is theentrata Micro-USB for power and a small status LED. On the bottom we have instead thehousing for if possible 18500 rechargeable battery (not included), theswitch to operate the lighting and soft feet to dampen vibrations. Link is anchored to the base by a black support welded to his left boot, which allows him to have good stability.

Own base, given its construction, did not convince us 100%. Despite being entirely made of PVC, the statue turned out to be very solid. Unlike the stand which, either for the recess of the battery, or for the management of the LEDs, it is too empty going to creak if touched in some points.

Sculpt – Recensione First 4 Figures, Link (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

Link by First 4 Figures statue enjoys a total weight of 557 grams and which makes us understand that it really has a lot of substance. The sculpt is made in a truly impeccable way. Despite being based on a title with a “simple” graphics such as Cel-shading, this figure really has a lot of details.

Being in PVC, the statue is not composed of one or a few pieces put together, but of various parts that are assembled once the painting is done. This made it possible to create a much less static and more scenographic figure. In addition to the various finishes and grooves which the different components enjoy, the sword and shield are actually placed on the back of the protagonist and not joined to it. The arrows in the quiver will move when touched. The bowstring it is not a piece of plastic, but one real string of elastic material.

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of folds on clothes, the hollows in the tufts of hair, rather than a wood effect on the arch. Also surprising is the realization of the smallest details, such as the Sheikah Tablet and the ancestral arrowhead, as well as the harnesses and the belt of the protagonist.

Recensione First 4 Figures, Link  (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

Given the LED lighting, we have joints that go from the tip of the arrow to the left arm, as well as on the Tablet. Although they are not very visible, they are present. However, we do not feel like criticizing this aspect which is a mere consequence of one of the best features this statue has to offer.

Painting – Recensione First 4 Figures, Link (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

As we mentioned earlier, the figure is made piece by piece in order to paint the individual sections. The painting of this figure is not done by hand, but through sprays and tempera. Although the times are greatly reduced, the result is really excellent. The plain colored parts are painted with sprays, while the various details, such as the designs on the shield, the eyes or the details on the tunic, they are printed through a special machine with tempera.

The fact that it is not hand-painted does not mean that it is free of color shades. Although very mild, indeed, we have gradients of blue as far as the tunic. Even the details, thanks to the tempera molds, have different shades even in the most microscopic points.

However, all this has a drawback. Although the painting appears precise, analyzing some details there are minor imperfections. The flesh-colored paint of some fingers, for example, is affected by the leather-colored paint of the glove. What was supposed to be a red shade on the boot, in the statue in our possession appears as a series of small spots (perhaps due to an error in the drying phase).

All in all, painting works and how, rather. Knowing that it was not made by hand made us appreciate its peculiarities even more, remarkable if we think that they are printed by a machine.

Illuminazione a LED – Recensione First 4 Figures, Link (The Legend of Zelda: BOTW)

One of the noteworthy features is certainly the LED compartment. From the previous version, the statue gains a thicker base for lighting management. The latter can be powered in two different ways: through a Micro-USB input on the back or, as we mentioned earlier, from a 18500 rechargeable battery.

The LEDs are visible from three points: through the Hylia coat of arms in the base, inside the Sheikah tablet and in the tip of the ancestral arrow. While on the base it radiates in the classic cyan coloring, both the Tablet and the arrow show a blue and orange light.

From the switch on the bottom we can decide whether to do light everything in a static way or select a “breath” effect as regards the base. The latter will turn the stand off and on gradually.

Once activated, the statue shows a completely different face. The LEDs make Link by First 4 Figures a truly valuable collector’s item, especially in relation to its cost. The only “but” concerns theMicro-USB input not in step with the times. However we have the possibility to insert a battery to not see any cables connected: excellent for placing this statue in showcases or particular displays.

Let’s sum it up

With its line of PVC statues born with the previous version of this Link, First 4 Figures has hit the mark. Equipped with a fantastic pose, which makes this figure extend both in height and in depth, in addition to the LEDs that greatly embellish the Collector’s Edition, you will take home a must for all fans of The Legend of Zelda: BOTW to a price around € 99.00. Despite some small uncertainties, the remarkable value for money will make you overlook everything, highlighting only what is positive it has to offer!

We thank the friends of EMP for giving us the opportunity to analyze this statue and we invite you to pass by them as you will find a lot of products from the various chapters of The Legend of Zelda. Some examples can be the Majora’s Mask equipped with LED o la lamp of the Master Sword.

Points in favor

  • Precise assembly and solid materials …
  • Painting really well done …
  • Perfect Sculpt
  • LED lighting enriches the statue
  • Fantastic pose
  • Enviable quality / price ratio

Points to …

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