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Recensione Hunter x Hunter – Gon Figure

In this review we will analyze the brand new figure of Gon, coming from Hunter x Hunter and produced by ABYstyle Studio

After months and months of requests here we are. It’s been a while since we reviewed the Hisoka figure and ABYstyle Studio officially released the Hunter x Hunter protagonist Gon figurine as well. Fans will certainly be thrilled since, after Togashi’s announcement that he has once again stopped the publication of the work, they will be able to at least buy the figure of the adventurous character.

As always, we at TechGameWorld.com are ready to put this collector’s item under the magnifying glass to highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Whether it will be part of your collection is up to you!

The Box – Hunter x Hunter Review, Gon Figure

The packaging of this “Super Figure Collection” is very similar to those analyzed previously. In fact, we have a large window that shows the figure in full view. The coloring of the box recalls the mix of gradients that characterize Gon’s clothing. In addition to the various logos, then, there are a couple of images of the statuette and an illustration of the protagonist.

In addition to the figure, the box contains an exhibition base with the HxH logo in black coloridentical to the one with which Hisoka’s representation is sold.

Let’s analyze the figure – Hunter x Hunter Review, Gon Figure

In case you’re not a fan of display sideburns, this isn’t your lucky day. Yes, because, given the pose in which it is represented, the ABYstyle Studio Gon must necessarily be anchored to the support.

This 1:10 scale figure enjoys a height of 14cm cutaway. The material from which the figure is made is 100% rigid PVC, with no soft sections. The painting is opaque on practically all sections, except for the right hand where the “Carta Jajanken” is present, which is translucent.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Hunter x Hunter Review, Gon Figure

Let’s analyze the statuette in more detail, highlighting what, in our opinion, are strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with the pose. This is one of the weakest points of the figure as Gon appears very static and motionless. A more “fluttering” clothing could certainly help from this point of view.

The sculpture is very well done and faithfully portrays the character. The boots and uniform have pleats and embossed details. His face is also well characterized, with a pointed nose and hair.

Painting didn’t make us cry out for a miracle. This is because, in our opinion, ABYstyle Studio could be more daring on nuances. These are present on Gon’s hair and, to a small extent, also on the uniform. Printed details like eyes and brows are, as always, pinpointed. As we have already mentioned, this figure also has a translucent section, i.e. the “Jajanken Paper”: this is a type of detail that we like.

Let’s sum up

The first figure of Gon, coming from Hunter x Hunter and made by ABYstyle Studio, proved to be a good starting point but, certainly, not the best figurine belonging to the “Super Figure Collection” line. We hope the company produces more in the future, especially a version based on THAT transformation!

The figure is available for €29.99 on the official website.

We, as always, thank ABYstyle Studio for their cooperation and invite you to follow our pages for more nerdy product reviews and much more!

Plus points

  • Prezzo
  • Precise and error-free painting
  • Model very faithful to the original

Points against

  • Few shades of color
  • Static pose
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