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Roberta Catania: la tecnologia può risolvere crimini senza l'aiuto dell'essere umano?

If today we are successful – unfortunately not always – in solving heinous crimes, it is also thanks to the use of technology. But can technology alone really fight crime without the help of humans? To answer this and many other questions I met the Dr. Roberta Cataniaforensic psychologist and criminologist… you may have recently seen his face among the hunters of the Celebrity Hunted reality show.

Fasten your seatbelts because today, THE LIFE OF TECH takes you to the dark world of crime.

Criminology and new technologies: where is the revolution?

Solving crimes using DNA analysis is something we take for granted. But did you know that this is a technology dating back to the mid-80s? The discovery of DNA and the refinement of its analyzes represent a turning point for detectives and criminologists around the world. But the latest technologies at the service of detectives and criminologists alone are not enough if behind everything there is not a professional who can read cold and pure data with sensitivity and grano salis.

In short, the new and flaming technologies could risk causing the investigators to blunder. How to keep your “feet on the ground”? To try to understand something, Dr. Roberta Catania comes to our aid, who will be our “translator” for this new episode of THE LIFE OF TECH.

If you are curious, to know all this and even a little more… I suggest you do not miss our interview with Dr. Roberta Catania.

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