Recensione Nazgûl: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Let’s analyze the action figure of the fearsome Nazgûl, coming from the world of “Lord of The Rings” and produced by Diamond Select Toys, in this review!

We had already told you about it. In the last review, where under the magnifying glass there was Frodo, we had spoiled that Diamond Select Toys had provided us with both figures that make up the “Series 2” belonging to “The Lord of the Rings“. As you know, in fact, the second wave includes both the protagonist of the Tolkenian trilogy, and him Spectrum of the ring.

In this review, in fact, we will go to see in detail how it is made l’action figure of the Nazgûl, in scala 1/10, produced by Diamond Select and based on the “Lord of The Rings“.

The packaging | Nazgûl Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

There is little to say. If you have already read our review in which we analyzed Frodo you can see that the packaging is totally identical. Same composition, same images and even the same description. Only the name of the figures changes. We will not repeat, therefore.

We remind you, however, that the series of figures on Lord of The Rings produced by Diamond, does not only include the reproductions of the various characters. The peculiarity consists, precisely, in the compose piece by piece the Dark Lord in 1/10 scale. With the Nazgul we will be provided with the lower part of the torso, with the armor that goes around the waist. In addition to the Build-A-Figure section, we will have ben 3 accessories.

Let’s analyze the accessories

These three weapons, as you can see, are all belonging to the various Nazgûl present in the trilogy. Let’s start with the smallest: the Morgul dagger, which is including scabbard and comes to a length of 7.00cm. Although the case is very generic, once the weapon was extracted we realized how faithful it actually is to the original one. Both the sculpt and the paint used are really spot on. Characterized by a metallic and quite burnished color, it surprised us above all for the various shades of color.

With an aesthetic very similar to the dagger but much larger, there is the classic belongs to Nazgül. 14.4cm long, this weapon is really too made with excellent care and features a more massive use of black to emulate the attrition that occurred in battle. Finally, placed in another sheath, there is the other variant of the Nazgûl weapon, with the straight and sharp look, characterized by the groove on the blade. Both swords have the same size and can easily be stored in the longer scabbard and both cases have two loops to be eventually exposed as a shoulder strap on our antagonist with the use of a small rope, for example.

L’action figure | Recensione Nazgûl: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

We come to the real protagonist of the review: the monstrous Black Knight. Being a 1/10 scale figure (or 7 inch scale), the spectrum of the ring easily reaches 19cm in height! To have a comparison with Frodo, we made a comparison:

Recensione Nazgûl: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

This figure is truly amazing. Once descatolata, at first glance, we will not be able to understand how many details it hides. Although the black robes conceal many details, they are part of the game and manage to provide a set of lights and shadows that characterize the character. Let’s start from the top: the head, no face, And distinguished by a hood and two long fabric flaps that extend downwards, made of soft plastic.

From the long ripped sleeves the hands protected by armor e made in an excellent way. By slightly lifting the soft plastic garments we will be able to observe the tunic underneath, completely black and, once again, by lifting the latter, we will be able to see the two legs covered with armor. These last they are undoubtedly the section that most amazed us of the whole figure. First of all they are completely covered but, taking them forward, we can notice the care that Diamond Select wanted to give. The armor is stunning both on the front of the legs and on the back. The sharp part on the knees is magnificent and the metallic shoes have succeeded in an optimal way.

The only parts of the dress in hard plastic and impossible to shape are the sleeves of the dress and the small cape on the shoulders. The long back, while much more challenging than the front sections, is slightly moldable with a little warmth.


Another surprising point is the painting of this figure. Although, as before, at first it may seem that it does not enjoy so many differentiated details, the goodies are hidden. There you know it is not totally black. In addition to various shades of gray, the final part presents gods brownish gradients designed to emulate the dirt of dust and earth.

Once again, the parts covered by the armor are once again splendid. Both hands and legs feature a black base with a very strong presence of gray. The whole provides a worn and aged metallic effect.


Although it may initially appear impractical, the figure in question has numerous articulations. The head, even if anchored to the two pieces of “fabric”, it can be rotated 360 °, although he cannot look up or down. The joint in the arm is quite stiff but, together with that of the elbow and hand, it will ensure a good level of movement. The real “problem” is that the stiff sleeve will remain protracted and, therefore, numerous poses will not be aesthetically beautiful to see. Given the joint present on the bicep part, we would have liked to see one designed to raise or lower the sleeve, in order to increase the possibilities of exposure. This is also because, once the sword is held, the hand of the Nazgûl must be positioned to the side.

The legs are reconfirmed at the top. Although the rear garments restrict movement on the back, the T-Croch allows you to lift the leg forward very well. The thigh joint allows us to rotate the entire limb 360 °, mind on the knee is placed really a double joint really great hidden. Finally, the foot is both rotatable and can be moved up and down.

Another note goes to rear dress that, given the stiffness and length, it will easily get over your feet. We should therefore place the figure slightly bent forward.

Recensione Nazgûl: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

Let’s sum up | Nazgûl Review: Action Figure (LOTR) by Diamond Select

This second figure belonging to the “Series 2” from the collection created by Diamond Select Toys and based on the Lord of The Rings film trilogy surprised us. That of the Nazgûl is a successful figure in many respects which, unfortunately, lacks slightly in posability. However, nothing transcendental! In case you have a corner of the house dedicated to the Tolkienian world and you are a lover of the Ringwraiths, this figure is certainly part of the obligatory purchases!

We thank Diamond Select Toys for providing us with this action figure which, we remind you, can be purchased from the box below. From the Nerd Stuff section that’s all. We remind you to follow our pages as we will be bringing brand new reviews very soon!

Don’t you know death when you see it?

Points in favor

  • Excellent model
  • Excellent painting, rich in nuances
  • The parts covered by the armor are magnificent
  • Three weapons available

Points against

  • The sleeves and harder plastic back robe reduce posability