Rechargeable batteries, the proposals of GP Batteries

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The rechargeable batteries they are a decidedly convenient tool, but which is not yet exploited as it should. In Italy in particular there is often a cultural resistance, which often pushes towards the classic disposable batteries. A big damage in terms of pollution, if we consider that the statistics on their recycling in our country are decreasing. Here because GP Batteries is one of the brands that is most committed to supporting the need to change this habit and achieve the full switch.

GP Batteries leads the Rechargeable Revolution with its rechargeable batteries

“Energizing a greener tomorrow“. This is the mission of the Swedish brand, which has long been committed to one growing environmental sustainability of their products. An industry that has the potential to get better and better, intervening on key aspectssuch as recycling, reusing and recharging batteries.

Every detail matters to reduce the impact of this field on our planet. A striking example is the packaging, on which GP Batteries has made great strides. Its products, not just rechargeable batteries, are now in packages entirely of paper, easy to recycle with the necessary exclusion of those that require to be childproof. And an additional step is theusing soy inks and not petroleum derivatives, to further refine the final result.

Of course then most of the effort lies in the consumer. GP Batteries it also remains a producer of classic alkaline batteries, but has long been promoting the transition to rechargeable batteries as we said. A “switch” that would undoubtedly have a considerable impact. Just think that currently one rechargeable battery can replace 500 of traditional ones. A saving that also affects the wallet, evidently.

The commitment of GP Batteries, recognized with honors, certifications and prizes, also develops in other areas. In fact, the brand has chosen to contain investments in communication, to divert funds to social projects. Initiatives that stimulate recycling (for example by rewarding those who actively return waste with the app Bower) o Trinea microcredit project for sustainable energy in developing countries.

An increasingly attentive look at the Italian and European market

This company is a historic brand, with a very long experience behind him, both in the industrial and private sector. And part of its current strategy is its own increase its market shares in the territories of Southern Europe, among which Italy naturally stands out where it is already present, but wants to become increasingly relevant.

This is also thanks to a ever greater commitment to dissemination on retail. Spaces that are increasingly coveted, but which can offer a greater opportunity to make themselves known to the mass public. A path that, among other things, will lead to promote the use of rechargeable batteriesin favor of disposable batteries, with all the advantages mentioned above.

But it must be taken into account that GP Batteries is not only a brand dedicated to this type of product. In its catalog you can in fact also find different types of flashlightsincluding a large assortment of headlampsa very useful accessory for both professionals and sportsmen.

This of course without forgetting the tools for reloading of our devices. Whether it’s a USB power adapter or a (now indispensable) power bank, GP Batteries’ proposals are really numerous and useful for everyday life.

Little gem is a particular dock for rechargeable batteries, equipped with a fast charge function. In case of need it is possible to activate it and incredibly reduce the times, returning to operations in just ten minutes. No more despair over the time you forgot to charge your spare batteries!

The time of rechargeable batteries has come

In short, what GP Batteries has taught us today is that it really is time to switch to rechargeable batteries. These are very useful tools that can have a significant impact on our consumption and our footprint on the planet. If you are curious about find out more about the products offered by this companywe invite you to visit the official website of GP Batteries.