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Ultenic FS1 review: after vacuuming it empties by itself

In this article we will see the review of Ultenic FS1 an intelligent, versatile and powerful vacuum cleaner with emptying base

The cordless vacuum cleaner Ultenic FS1 presents many advanced features making it ideal for cleaning the home. One of hers main functions and the automatic emptying basewhich allows you to empty the dust container easily hygienic and simplewithout having to touch the dirt.

Also, thanks to his suction power of 3000Pais very effective in remove dust and dirt from different surfaces, such as carpets and floors. Lightness and manageability of the vacuum cleaner make it easy to use and maneuverso that you can also reach the hardest corners of the house.

Ultenic FS1 review: after vacuuming it empties by itself

Packaging e design | Recensione Ultenic FS1

The packaging of the Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner is designed with a modern and functional design. The packaging is made from strong cardboard and features an image of the product on the cover.

Inside the box, in addition to the Ultenic FS1 vacuum cleaner, we find a series of useful accessories for cleaning the house. An emptying base allows you to easily empty the dust collected during the use of the vacuum cleaner.

The main brush is designed for cleaning floors, while the nozzle brush is useful for reaching into the nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean with that main brush. The sofa and armchair brush allows you to easily clean delicate fabrics without damaging them.

In addition, the package contains a user manual, a power adapter and a rechargeable battery, which supplies power for the vacuum cleaner. The contents of the package are neatly organized and easy to take out and use.

Usage and Performance | Ultenic FS1 review

We have been using this cordless vacuum cleaner for about a couple of weeks and are now able to give our opinion.

We tested the suction strength not only on traditional ceramic tiles, but also on fabrics such as carpets, sofas and armchairs, in order to make a comprehensive contribution to our tests.

Let’s talk about autonomy and use

The Ultenic FS1 is a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its battery life, which takes about an hour. This means that users can do their cleaning without the worry of having to interrupt work to recharge the vacuum cleaner.

The long battery life it is especially important for those who have large spaces to clean or who wish to complete their cleanings in a single cycle.

Also, the automatic suction management function makes using the Ultenic FS1 even easier, as the vacuum cleaner is capable of automatically adjust its suction power according to the conditions of the cleaning environment.

This means that the vacuum cleaner does not use more energy than necessary and allows users to save on battery life. In summary, the long battery life and automatic suction management function make the Ultenic FS1 an ideal option for those looking for a cleaning experience convenient and hassle-free.

In addition, the emptying station also acts as a charging hub and up to two batteries can be connected at the same time.

We had the opportunity to test this vacuum cleaner in an apartment of about one hundred square meters, and we were very satisfied with the results obtained. In addition, the Ultenic FS1’s telescopic tube is a good advantage for household cleaningallowing us to reach even the most difficult to clean corners.

But that’s not all: the Ultenic FS1’s automatic emptying station is very convenient, allowing us to empty the dust tank without having to touch it directly.

Furthermore, the UV cleaning system for the inside of the tank that collects the dust has guaranteed us further hygiene in our home.

Finally, the bag that collects the dust once the tank has been emptied also has a good capacity, which means that we didn’t have to replace it too often.

Ultenic FS1 review: after vacuuming it empties by itself

Who should buy this Ultenic FS1?

The Ultenic FS1 is a reliable and functional vacuum cleanerwhich represents a ideal solution for those who want a product of high quality for your house cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who are looking for a product powerful and versatileable to guarantee a thorough and fast cleaning of every room in your home.

Thanks to automatic emptying station and the ability to connect two batteries at the same timethe Ultenic FS1 offers a deep and lasting cleaningwithout interruptions or manual interventions.

Also, the telescopic tube of the vacuum cleaner allows you to reach even the corners more difficult to cleanguaranteeing a complete and precise cleaning.

In addition, the bag capacity for dust collection and the UV cleaning system of the Ultenic FS1 ensure a hygienic and thorough cleaningperfect for those who want a impeccable and hygienic cleaning in own house.

In summary, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner reliable, versatile and of high qualitythe Ultenic FS1 represents a recommended choice.

Plus points

  • Great cleaning system
  • Good materials
  • The emptying station is excellent…

Points against

  • …even if a little bulky
  • Range could improve
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