Ricaricare la Nuova 500 non è mai stato così facile: il servizio E-GAP si connette con l’app Fiat thumbnail

Recharging the New 500 has never been so easy: the E-GAP service connects with the Fiat app

Recharging the New Fiat 500 is now even simpler thanks to the integration of the service E-GAP in the app Fiat. With technology provided by 2hirejust one click is enough to program the charging of the vehicle remotely and without further intervention.

Electric mobility: the Fiat app integrates the E-GAP service

Electric charging is even more convenient, simple and fast with the E-GAP urban charging service now integrated into the Fiat app. A connection made possible thanks to the technology of the 2hire startup, which makes the charging service even better smart. In fact, it will be possible to recharge the New Fiat 500 with just a click, allowing for easy, remote charging. Just leave the vehicle parked, geolocate it and request recharging through the Fiat app. A 100% electric E-GAP van will reach the vehicle wherever it is, thus freeing it from any charging operations. This allows the customer to save time and not interrupt the performance of his activities.

And GAP recharges

Through the Fiat app, the user receives regular notifications on the execution of the E-GAP service, monitoring the charging status. In this way, the user can optimize times by adapting the charging needs to their own, benefiting from a comfort service. This is an innovative technological connection between the vehicle and the charging system, he explains Francesco De Meo, Head of Marketing at E-GAP. “A significant step forward in our commitment to providing a cutting-edge service in the mobility market.”

With this integration in synergy with 2hire, E-GAP is aiming for a future that is increasingly focused on electric. “This will allow our customers to save more time thanks to E-GAP’s direct access to the car door,” continues De Meo. Additionally, E-GAP has launched a new tariff plan, which provides a price reduction for individual top-ups. A novelty to offer an increasingly advantageous and convenient experience, for a quick and efficient service.

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