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Record-breaking Metzeler: for the eighth time it is the best motorcycle tire brand

Metzeler confirms itself as the reference motorcycle tire brand on the market preferred by readers of the German magazine Motorrad and beyond

A failure to reconfirm would make more news: for the eighth consecutive time and even for the thirteenth time overall out of a total of 17 editions, Metzeler confirms itself as the reference motorcycle tire brand on the market preferred by readers of the German Motorrad magazinewhich continue to indicate the brand of the elephant and its tires compared to those of competitors.

Yet another triumph for Mezteler

The results of the annual were published in the latest issue of the well-known German magazine specialized in two-wheelers poll which aims to crown the “Best Brand”In terms of tires: according to what was communicated, they arrived in total almost 55 thousand votes by readers of “Motorrad” magazine (a thousand more than in the 2021 survey) who expressed their preference for various components of motorcycles, including precisely the tires.

In this ranking there was no room for surprises, because Metzeler managed to secure the title of for the eighth consecutive time best brand according to German fans, finishing ahead of Michelin and Pirelli.

Beyond possible issues of parochialism and preference for a local brand, this award is yet another recognition of the quality productions of the company controlled today by Pirelliwhich offers a wide range of products, also sold on EuroimportTiresand which sees among the best sellers not only new models, but also great “classics” such as i Metzeler Z8which are still chosen by many motorcyclists for their performances.

The top ten of motorcycle tire manufacturers according to Motorrad

As mentioned – and as it should no longer be surprising – there has been no “revolution” regarding the podium and the order in which the main brands ended, which therefore maintain the same positions as in previous years, even if the proportion of votes differs slightly from past polls.

Specifically, according to Motorrad, Metzeler increased the share of votes even more, totaling 63.3% in 2022 (it was 62 last year), while Michelin obtains 59.6% of preferences (down from 60) e Pirelli closes the podium with 54.1% (he was at 51% last year, so he had an interesting progression). Rounding out the top ten are the other domestic brand, Continental, and then Bridgestone, Dunlop, Heidenau, Avon, Mitas and Maxxis.

Curiosities about Metzeler

In practice, therefore, Metzeler did not win the Motorrad survey in only four editions (2007, 2010, 2011 and 2012), monopolizing the top step of the podium on the remaining occasions.

Yet, perhaps not everyone knows that what for the Germans (and not only) is the best manufacturer of motorcycle tires has also dedicated itself, for a period, to the production of casings for sausages!

We have to go back to the origins of the company, about 160 years ago in Munich, Germany, when Robert Friedrich Metzeler inaugurates the factory that will take his name by producing various types of rubber items, from surgical equipment to children’s toys up to the components of the well-known German wurst. The first success comes fifteen years later, on the occasion of exhibition 1878 in Pariswhen Mezteler manages to produce an airtight rubber fabric (among other things) to form the largest bound balloon in the world, which allowed visitors to enjoy a view of Paris from a height of 500 meters in the sky.

The first appearance of the blue elephant as a mascot of the company dates back to 1906, subsequently registered in 1951: according to the legend, International Motor Show of that year Metzeler had one of his tires stepped on by a elephant to show the strength and resistance of the product, and the memory of this event has remained in the logo, which recalls the image of the elephant as a symbol of strength and quality tires.