Red Bull Factions: dilettanti e pro-player si sfidano a League of Legends thumbnail

Red Bull Factions: dilettanti e pro-player si sfidano a League of Legends

The third edition of Red Bull Factions, the League of Legends competition involving pro-players and amateurs. After a year off, the event is ready to come back stronger than before, thanks also to the collaboration with PG Esports, leader among the organizers of export tournaments in Italy.

The competition it will officially start on September 29thcharacterized by a peculiar Sistema Factions. This is a totally out-of-the-box challenge where players only have the option of accessing a limited pool of champions. Users will be able to choose only characters belonging to 2 factions that characterize the universe in which it is set League of Legends.

This feature will make the challenges much more unpredictable, especially taking into account that the tournament is open to both professionals and amateurs. An interesting dynamic: what if an unknown enthusiast defeats one of the most respected players? If so, a new star could emerge.

Red Bull Factions: amateurs invited to the Open Qualifiers

I amateurs will be able to compete in the Open Qualifier to earn a place among the teams participating in the final stages. The four winning teams will be admitted to the next stage of the competition together with the best professional teams. Among these also i 16 team that most distinguished themselves during the PG Nationals (the Italian championship of League of Legends by PG Esports).

Depending on the placement obtained in the PG Nationals, the pro-teams will enter the competition at different times, following a pattern similar to that which distinguishes the Italian football cup. In this way the top clashes will take place in the most advanced stages of the competition.

Will it be possible to follow the races in streaming?

From October 5th i match del Red Bull Factions will also be broadcast on the channel Twitch RedbullIT. Let’s talk about a total of 10 days of streaming quasi nonstop, with guests of honor and the casters most loved by the community, ready to explain in every aspect the tactics and strategies adopted by the protagonists of the tournament. The appointment with the final, however, is set for November.

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