Redfall: Guide to the best weapons in the game

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In this guide we are going to see which are the best Redfall weapons that will allow us to have a more comfortable experience

Redfall has recently arrived on the Microsoft console and on all PCs. We will meet again in one town infested with vampires ready to take us out in seconds and know what it is the ideal equipment to fight them it’s definitely a great idea. The game is presented as a first person shooter. It will be possible recover the most varied weapons and related ammunition found throughout the map; this also implies that there will also be various categories of rarities for each type of weapon.

Various weapon types – Best Redfall weapons

Before finding out what the best weapons featured in Redfall, let’s try to understand how the latter can be divided and where they can be obtained. As we anticipated earlier, there are various rarities for each type of weapon. The most powerful ones of all are definitely the golden onesthe legendary ones also called Unrivaledwhich boast the best advantages over the other classes. However, finding them will not be easyalthough weapons can be recovered by completing missions, exploring the open world, destroying vampire nests, and so on.

The weapons are then divided not only by rarity, but also by type. In the game we will be able to recover, in addition to the normal ones pistol, revolver, automatic assault rifles, shotguns e sniper riflessome very special types of weapons: UV weapons and stake weaponstwo types effective especially against vampires.

As in any game of the genre, of course you will have a inventory thatalthough it’s not exactly small, by the way it will fill up easily during our adventure. That’s why knowing what are the best weapons available can help you, making your task easier discard the less efficient ones.

Redfall: Guide to the best weapons in the game

Redfall’s best weapons

Now let’s see what we think are the best weapons in the new exclusive for Xbox and PC.

Perfectly Normal – Automatic assault rifle

Assault rifles with high rates of fire are usually a great choice for running and shooting human enemies. However, Perfectly Normal it’s an exception, and its unique advantages make it a powerful, high-rate-of-fire weapon that’s also great for taking down vampires. With a damage and accuracy buffsyou can take down even the most powerful enemies without sacrificing mobility.

Cass Special – Automatic Assault Rifle

Cass Special it’s a good choice if you want to take out enemies from a safe distance but don’t like using sniper rifles. Although its low rate of fire makes us more inclined to sell than to keep, the head damage with a 75% bonus it’s a accuracy increased by 50% more than the other weapons make it capable of slaughtering any enemy in Redfall.

Redfall: Guide to the best weapons in the game

Ambition – Semi-automatic pistol

While guns aren’t as good at stunning and slaying vampires as a shotgun or UV weapon might be, there is one exception that might apply to many: Ambition. Indeed, this powerful semi-automatic pistol has the advantage of being able to kill vampires without running a stake through them. It also has a 50% head damage bonus and it is practically almost no recoil.

Lockjaw – Semi-automatic shotgun

Unsurprisingly, shotguns are the best choice for taking down vampires quickly in Redfall. Lockjaw it differs from these, however, because fire two extra bullets for each shot. This can make a huge difference in scenarios where we find ourselves surrounded by multiple vampires, such as in Nests or other activities as we explore the map. Furthermore, stabbing a vampire with this weapon will heal us; that makes it all the more essential for annihilating groups of these bloodthirsty creatures.

Redfall: Guide to the best weapons in the game

Grave Mistake – Automatic Assault Rifle

While this assault rifle’s rate of fire isn’t all that high, it’s about an excellent weapon for those who prefer healing. This particular weapon in fact allows you to recover 15% of maximum health every time we hit a vampire. It is also capable of inflicting a 20% additional damage every time we hit enemies in the head and has a 50% increase in accuracy while on the move.

Happy vampire hunting

So this guide closes with what for us at are the best Redfall weapons. Obviously a lot depends above all by each person’s style of play. Some might prefer UV weapons to take down vampires since they petrify them easily, immediately exposing them to a fatal blow. However we believe these are better because they can also be used against other enemies in the game.

More weapons are expected to arrive with the release of future DLCs, so don’t lose sight of this guide to the best Redfall weapons as it will be updated later. What do you think about this title? Let us know yours in the comments. To not miss out on more news and guides regarding the gaming universe, keep following! If, on the other hand, you are looking for some small discounts on video games, you can consult the Kinguin pages.