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Redfall: new rumors reveal the release date

Redfall returns to the spotlight with new rumors about a potential release date for the new vampire title from Arkane Studios

During the Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct’s January 25thnew rumors state that we will receive significant updates on Redfall, including the release date of the title. Arkane’s new open-world first-person shooter is set in a dark world full of vampires to be exterminated and other fearsome enemies yet to be discovered. Microsoft had already said that the game will launch in first half of 2023 and, while the exact launch date will likely be announced later this month during the event, new rumors have revealed prematurely when it will be released.

Will the rumors about Redfall’s release date be right?

Rumors state that the release date of Redfall is set for 2 maggio and by now many other leakers seem to confirm it. Among them we have @eXtas1stv who on Twitter reiterated that the game will be released in early May. Recall that this Spanish leaker previously leaked Overdose by Kojima Productions so it is very reliable. The confirmations don’t end there because even the Xbox insider Brad Sams, through the cheeky use of some emojis on his Twitter, has gone along with the rumors about the release date of Redfall.

During the month-end event, in addition to Redfall, Microsoft will also provide new updates on big titles awaited such as Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends. The real star of the show will probably be Starfieldone of Microsoft’s most anticipated titles, coming to PC and Xbox Series X and S exclusively.

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