Rehappy: the Sicilian start-up that makes sustainability its strong point

The Sicilian start-up Rehappy was born from attention to the environment to the value of the circular economy, making sustainability its main strength

Rehappy is a leading Italian company in the refurbished sector, founded by the Sicilian entrepreneur Giuseppe Sammartano who, with a long experience in the world of refurbished products, was able to give new life to electronic equipment. Rehappy has been operating in the refurbished sector since 2020, placing itself as a safe and reliable reference point for customers who are sensitive to environmental issues and who intend to buy a smartphone or tablet while saving money.

A choice, that of Rehappy, advantageous both for the Planet and for customers.

Rehappy’s core business

Rehappy is a Sicilian start-up that in a very short time, through a path of valorisation of renewable resources and strong awareness in the sector, has managed to grow very quickly.

Its work is based on the reconditioning of smartphones and tablets, collected through WEEE centers or physical equipment stores, which Rehappy puts back on the market at affordable prices ensuring efficiency in performance and reliability for all its customers.

Like this, Rehappy:

  • reduces WEEE
  • helps customers save up to 50% compared to a new device
  • promotes correct information through his blog, raising awareness among users.

The refurbished by Rehappy

The Rehappy online store offers a wide selection of refurbished iPhones, boasting a team of experts who are responsible for regenerating all the hardware and software components of all devices and subjecting them to 40 rigorous tests before putting them on sale.

Browsing the online store, each user can select the characteristics for his device including color, memory and conditions (Good B – Excellent A – Perfect A +) for which the cost to pay differs but proposing different ways to do it, responding to the needs of all.

A refurbished device ensures those who use it the same performance as a new phone but which are obtained by saving. Other benefits are also provided the possibility of free returns within 14 days and a warranty period of 12 months.

Rehappy also has customer care staff who are always ready to assist customers for information and to find a quick solution to any of their problems.

These aspects constitute the strong point of the refurbished sector compared to used smartphones or tablets which, being such, do not guarantee any guarantee or assistance to anyone who decides to buy them.

Rehappy’s refurbished devices are shipped in a sustainable packaging where customers will also find the data cable and power supply, essential accessories for use.

Rehappy also operates in the social sector

An innovative and sensitive reality to environmental issues such as Rehappy could not fail to operate also in the social sector. In just one year, the young start-up from Marsala managed to donate more than a ton of oranges to local charities, with the aim of increasing donations and enhancing the products that the Sicilian land offers. This was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Giuseppe Sammartano who, with local farmers, manages over 100 citrus trees.

Furthermore, during the Christmas period Giuseppe managed to donate over 250 panettone to children with the proceeds of Rehappy, a noble gesture that was able to give a smile in a moment of particular difficulty; The entrepreneur is always grateful to all customers who have chosen to trust the company by purchasing refurbished iPhones.

Giuseppe Sammartano managed in a short time to realize his ambitious idea of ​​giving new life to electronic waste with the Rehappy project thanks to which he has reconditioned more than 5000 devices, mostly iPhones, one of the best brands in the world of telephony as well as among the best sellers.

For this new year, the Sicilian entrepreneur is ready to create new job and training opportunities in the Marsala area, especially for young Sicilians who are often forced to leave their land in search of new opportunities.