Renault presenta la concept intelligente Human First Vision

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The future passes throughHuman First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept. Smooth surfaces, protruding corners highlighted by a livery with purple reflections.

Human First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept, source official website

Human First Vision, the future according to Renault

The new concept car H1st visioncreated by Renault with partners Atos, Dassault Systems, Orange, STMicroelectronics e Thales.

These are part of Software Republic it is one of the jewels that we will see on the road in the future. The car equipped with incredible innovations, hides almost hidden microprocessors under the bodywork.

Above all, the realization of the concept is the result of the collaboration of the members of the Software République. Thus, H1st Vision (Human First Vision) equipped with functional and innovative technologies that illustrate its human-centric vision of future mobility.

The digital experience on four wheels

The presentation, world premiere at Salone Viva Technology 2023, demonstrates how the revolutionary concept car brings together 20 concrete and operative innovationse.

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Renault manages to split a physical vehicle into a virtual replica. Then it gives birth to a digital twin that can move (for advanced experiments) in a world where systems are now independent.

All this is possible thanks to the interconnection created with the surrounding environment. Ecco H1st Vision also establishes a constant dialogue with digital and physical ecosystems.

Generating for a real experience that goes beyond automotive mobility, transforming itself into a concrete vision of the experience of the mobility of the future.

Human First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept, source official websiteHuman First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept, source official website

Cutting-edge technologies

In addition to the partners of Software Republic Also Arkamys, Compredict, Epicnpoc, Eyelights, Kardome, Stern Tech e JCDecaux. All in the field to demonstrate the complex functionality.

How the car, systems and software can take care of the driver, passengers and other road users.

Eric FeunteunChief Operating Officer of Software Republic in this regard he states: “The H1st Vision concept car is a connected, physical and virtual object. It demonstrates not only the validity of the collaboration method between the partners, but also the complementarity that exists between the technologies of Dassault Systèmes, Orange, STMicroelectronics, Renault Group and Thales to build the mobility of the future”.

Furthermore, among the twenty innovations present, there are: the postural recognition and then facial of the owner (an avatar projected on the window and, subsequently, on the central console display welcomes the user).

Il immersive sound system designed in collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre, the on-board payment interface and intelligent parking assistance function. For sustainable mobility, in the critical propulsion systems of H1st Vision silicon carbide power components are employed. While, the Powerbox makes V2G (Vehicle-toGrid) bidirectional recharging possible to support the electricity grid or power homes at times characterized by peak consumption.

Human First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept, source official websiteHuman First Vision, Renault presents the intelligent concept, source official website

Not only that, there are numerous physical and virtual sensors allow you to monitor the health of the occupants and possibly, in the event of an accident or feeling unwell, activate a telephone call, including a satellite one, to alert the emergency services.

H1st Vision monitors the state of wear of the main elements of the vehiclesuch as the battery and tires and even generate a ‘certificate’ of its health and the life of critical components, such as the battery.

Finally, even if the physical vehicle remains apparently inert, its virtual twin reconstructs the vehicle’s movements and relationship with its surroundings (city 4.0, other road users and infrastructures, etc.) to detect potential dangers, improve safety of fragile users and optimize the circulation of emergency vehicles.

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