This World Won’t Make Me Bad: Controversy from the USA

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This world won’t make me bad, the new Zero Limestone series on Netflix is ​​causing controversy among US viewers, let’s find out why together

This world won’t make me bad, the new Netflix series by Zero Limestone, has recently been available on the platform and is already a success. Appreciated as much as the first series, Tearing along the edges actually contains even more hazards and content than the first experiment and this therefore makes it even more quality for the public. Another of the reasons why it can be deduced that it is a success is that it has sparked controversy among the international public, especially from the USA. Not that making controversy is a success, but it is certainly remarkable that the series is watched in the United States and is also the subject of discussions.

This World Won’t Make Me Bad: Controversy from the USA

The US public was particularly disturbed by one of the passages of Zero’s story, in particular, the offending sentence concerns the TV series Stranger Things, and is the following:

Just like that guy with the bowl haircut crying because his friend bombs Eleven

Here, Zero refers to the series, with his usual sarcasm, alluding to William, secretly in love with Mike and using a Roman expression to indicate his relationship with Eleven. This expression in English has been translated in a more direct and non-ironic way, that is simply “f*ck”.

Apparently, this did not please the American public who found it tactless given that they are kids. A controversy that from here seems decidedly not very useful and also unfounded, given that the reference of Zero Calcare is in any case that of a TV series, therefore fiction, so even if it were offensive (which it wasn’t) it still referred to to fictional characters. Nothing relevant, therefore, which nevertheless makes us notice how much a certain humor out of context may not be understood and how Zero Calcare’s sarcasm and wit manage to strike hearts around the world.

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