Replacing the iPhone display is getting harder and harder

Sostituire il display dell'iPhone è sempre più difficile thumbnail

Dear Apple lovers, we have some very bad news for you. Recent changes made by the company al display iPhone 13 make it more difficult for third-party companies to replace. More specifically, repairing the damaged screen could lead to loss of support Face ID. This means that users will be forced to go directly to Apple or authorized service centers in the event of the need for a display replacement. But, according to Phone Repair Guru, the Face ID will not be available on a non-original screen.

IPhone 13 Display: Replacement may compromise Face ID

Breaking the iPhone 13 display could be a real bummer. And not only for the high cost of the repair, but above all because it will be difficult for third-party companies to replace the display without losing support for Face ID. On the other hand, however, it would seem possible to perform repairs on connected components such as the microphone, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor. The display, on the other hand, does not seem to enjoy the same luck. And this isn’t the first time Apple has run into this kind of problem.

As early as 2018, the update for iOS 11.3 broke the touch functionality of the iPhone 8 display of some users. In some cases, a loss of automatic brightness adjustment was also found, as well as the inability to take advantage of the ambient light sensor. Even on that occasion, however, the replacement of the smartphone display was impossible for third-party companies. And this had already created discontent on the part of users. Now, the recurrence of this problem on the new iPhone 13 only exacerbates the situation for the company.

Back in September, Apple’s shareholders filed a resolution to try to persuade Apple to to reverse its “anti-repair practices”. And recently both the German government and the FTC have made efforts to ensure that the issue of repairs can be better managed, especially for users. In any case, the fact that it will not be easy to replace the screen of the iPhone 13 will certainly not help the company.