Resident Evil 4 VR: today the release, here is a gameplay trailer

Capcom’s acclaimed horror saga updates today with the addition of the Resident Evil 4 VR remake, and a new extended gameplay trailer features the terrifying title in virtual sauce

Resident Evil 4 and his own modernized porting were long overdue, when Capcom decided to make the experience even more memorable by making the title a VR compatible game, livable through Oculus Quest 2. The title originally came out on GameCube in 2005, so it will be interesting to see. how the studio intervened to make the appreciable game also through virtual reality. Thanks to a new gameplay trailer released by IGN, we can take a look at the most important details that have been altered in the VR version of Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 VR’s extended gameplay trailer showcases 16 minutes of eager action

The VR title out today is one of the new features included among the seven scheduled announcements dedicated to Resident Evil. In fact, the main changes made in the style of play were revealed already at the end of September, to better adapt the experience in VR: among them, there is the way in which you physically get to pull the gun out of the belt, stretch the arm towards the shoulder to bring out the healing objects, and other particularly immersive details. However it must be said that perhaps the parts where the view returns in third person are somewhat anti-climatic.

In this new Resident Evil 4 VR gameplay trailer, we also see an improvement in the texture, which presents the title in a more “clean” way; but the true protagonist of the work is undoubtedly the first person perspective. In addition to being able to watch enemies while running in a different direction, you will be able to shoot with more continuity. Actions such as picking up ammunition will also need to be done with their own hands, further adding to the tension and involvement in this horror classic; therefore it seems that the right game has arrived to spend the next Halloween.

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