Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

This special shotgun is a fundamental weapon for Resident Evil Village players: below we will see, through this guide, how to get the shotgun from the beginning of the game

In Resident Evil VillageDuring the course of the game, you can encounter many different types of weapons. From guns to grenade launchers, in essence you can run into all the typical firearms present in the vast majority of shooters. There is no weapon however as fundamental to obtain as the Shotgun: This weapon, in Resident Evil Village, contains a very high firepower, capable for example of easily eliminating bosses like Lycan. It often happens that players don’t even replace it when new weapons arrive, as useful as it is. In this guide, we will therefore try to help you find it (without spending anything) in the early game, so that you can immediately make your way with this great help.

Be careful not to miss it on the way

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the shotgun can be obtained in early game, early in your Resident Evil Village game. However, it is a secondary weapon, which therefore you could unfortunately miss: you can take it later (later in the game), but you’ll have to buy it at the Duke’s shop. So if you want that weapon right away and for free, then you should follow this guide.

Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

What’s to do – Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

The shotgun is located in the house located further west in the area of East Old Town. It is in plain sight on a table, waiting for the player to grab it. You will find yourself in that area when you have to survive the Lycan attack early game: you can then grab him when you run away from him to defend yourself. In case you manage to defeat the Lycan without the shotgun, you can very well recover it after the boss fight calmly.

Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

Before Dimitrescu Castle – Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun

As mentioned earlier in this Resident Evil Village guide, you will have to be careful: if you do not collect it before entering the Dimitrescu Castle, be aware that it will be a long time before you have a chance to return to the village and get the shotgun for free. In Dimitrescu Castle, you will have to face many enemies and also an important boss fight, so it might be useful to have some more powerful weapon than the gun to protect them. Luckily, you will meet inside the castle the Duke, who will sell you the M1897 rifle. You will have to spend a lot of Lei to get it, but it will be worth it. In case you are short of her, you can consult our guide to farm her.

Resident Evil Village: how to get the shotgun


If you are particularly sensitive to fright when you play horror, get the shotgun in Resident Evil Village can be a great solution to make you feel a little safer. Clearly there are many potentially stronger weapons to be found (or purchased) in your game, but the shotgun’s high firepower and the fact that it can be found practically immediately make it a weapon of undoubted usefulness. For those who perhaps prefer to increase the level of challenge, so as to increase the emotional involvement in this horror, an idea might be to ignore it.

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