Responsible gaming, mission and vision of the gambling company

When we talk about Responsible Gaming today we refer to the mission and vision that accompany the doing of the online gambling industry

It is a protocol that represents the cornerstone on which the sector is basing all its operations and all its strategies, even following an unexpected boom (see the latest statistics on online gambling) that has overwhelmed all branches of the sector in the period of Covid-19.

This is the concept that best simplifies all theories on gaming: fun with a cash prize that must not go beyond the playful and entertaining aspect. In short, anything but losing control is okay. As pointed out by the Info Casino experts, “all online casinos in the legal circuit, including Italians, take part in this protocol, which therefore also display the Responsible Gaming logo”.

What does it mean, in layman’s terms? In a series of measures and tools valid to help the player.

Responsible gaming, mission and vision of the gambling company

All operators therefore provide a series of valid strategies both to combat gambling addiction and to prevent it. In concrete terms, we still read on the Info Casino website, there are two tools.

This is the deposit limit and self-exclusion, not to be underestimated and useful for every player. For a quick check of your gaming activity, of course, but also for the imposition of limits not to be exceeded in the most absolute way. Two ways to prevent a situation of leisure and lightness from degenerating into something more serious. But how are these tools managed?

The first, the deposit limit, can have a variable duration: daily, weekly and monthly.

Can it be contained in any way? Absolutely no, since the limits can be changed, but in the event of an increase, the change is only valid after seven days. On the contrary, the reduction is immediate.

Deposit limits are set by players immediately after signing up. Self-exclusion, on the other hand, is a kind of ultimatum. A more restrictive measure than the limit on deposits, which allows you to block for a certain period of time the possibility of betting online on each platform. By activating self-exclusion the player enters a national register of self-excluded, private and inconsultable.

At that point the online casino software will automatically prevent both deposits and bets from being made. However, the withdrawal of winnings will always be allowed.

There are two types of self-exclusion: determined, i.e. with a deadline, and indeterminate, irreversible and timeless. This is a more than valid tool to take even just a break to prevent the situation from turning in the wrong directions.