Returnal: added save system and photo mode

With the arrival of the Returnal 2.0 update for PlayStation 5, two important news have arrived that are very much felt by fans: on the one hand, a rescue system has finally been introduced in the middle of the game, on the other hand the photo mode

Il roguelike Returnal, exclusive PlayStation 5 released last April 30, 2021 (and of which you can read our review here), it proved, in an almost completely unexpected way, a project of success, capable of attracting the attention of fans to a new console that has just entered the market. The recent update 2.0 of Returnal adds two features that are sure to please fans: on the one hand, it adds a rescue system quick, thanks to which players can interrupt a run and resume it later, on the other hand it adds the photo mode.

Returnal: Details of the save system and photo mode

The announcement, arrived directly on the PlayStation Blog, reveals that the new rescue system is called “Suspend Cycle”. By activating the Suspend Cycle option from the menu, we will have the possibility to close during the game, turn off the console if you wish, and in any case resume later the game left halfway where we left off. In order for players not to abuse this system, it should be noted that Pause Cycle does not offer a permanent save, and can be reloaded. only once. This solution also serves not to excessively alter the structure of the game, of a roguelike nature.

This addition solves one of the most criticized problems by fans of the game, namely that excessive duration of matches. While it is normal that in roguelikes you cannot save in the middle of the game, it is also true that usually these are games of short term, which can be finished in a quick game session. in Returnal, on the other hand, the games last much longer than the average, even too long, according to many players. Where roguelikes like Hades have systems that keep progress at the start of an area, Returnal’s design didn’t originally include anything like this.

Returnal: added save system and photo mode

As mentioned before, in addition to the saving system (which hopefully solves the aforementioned problem), the photo mode. It works the way it does quite similar to the photo modes of the other productions: you will then be able to customize the position and angle of the camera, lights, filters, effects, frames, coloring options and so much more. You just have to experiment it independently to see everything you can achieve.

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