Returnal: how to save the game

If you are a lover of roguelikes and if you are a PS5 owner, you can’t miss Returnal. Let’s find out together in this guide how to save your game in Returnal

Returnal is the new Sony IP coming out today, Friday 30 April. The title is a third person fps and can be summed up as a mix between Control and The Binding of Isaac. The dark and rarefied atmospheres, the monsters and alien creatures encountered during the exploration mix with a gameplay with strong roguelike connotations. Like all exponents of this genre, once you die, you have to start over. That’s why we wrote this article for help you. Let’s go and see in fact, how to save in Returnal.

Live, die, repeat

While the launch of this new generation of consoles has not been striking, we have in fact only had a few exclusives of weight considering Demon’s Souls e Astro’s PlayRoomHowever, Sony is planning a future full of exclusives. The latest statements of the company, which intends to invest for the medium and long term, testify to this resources by proprietary titles. In addition to the current marketing campaign for the next Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. The release of Returnal fits into this context, an eagerly awaited title developed by the Finnish development house Housemarque games. The game is very difficult because of his fast pacing and for its lack of save points. For this we are now going to find out how to save la propria run in Returnal.

Returnal: how to save the game

A particular structure – Returnal: how to save the game

Returnal is not the usual TPS. The game is about Selene, a space pilot who, due to an accident, is shipwrecked on an unknown planet. Here, the protagonist tries to trace the traces of an unknown radio signal and, for this reason, enters the depth darkness of the planet. The marked playful component, however, immediately takes precedence over the narrative. The events that Selene will encounter will mostly be a pretext to shoot and beat all enemies that stand in front of us.

Nothing strange so far. The peculiarity you need to know is that the structure of the title has strong connotations roguelike. Which means, every time you die you will be transported to the crash site of your spaceship at the start of the game. There are not save zones or bonfires that will allow you to save your game. For that, here are some tips on how to save in Returnal.

Returnal: how to save the game

Eternal Return – Returnal: how to save the game

Let’s assume that, obviously, switch off the console altogether, will lead to the relative elimination of the file and, consequently, you will be brought back to your called spaceship Helios. The only way the game has to save progress is through its auto save feature. If you get an upgrade or an item like the lightsaber, you get it for rest of the game. One thing you don’t need to do is repeat them boss fight. In fact, once you’ve defeated the bosses you can to decide not to face them in subsequent runs.

Returnal’s self-rescue must be understood, because, as mentioned, not all statistics, i buff he item are saved. For example if you get a shotgun or an assault rifle, in case you die, you will lose it and you will have to find it. The best thing we recommend to catch your breath is therefore to put your console in mode rest. This way the game will simply be paused and when you pick up the pad again you won’t have to start over all over again.

Returnal: how to save the game

It takes calm and cold blood

Therefore, the best way to advance in the game is the most classic one possible. Having the game a rather technical gameplay, you will first have to hone yours skill and, secondly, arm yourself with patience (especially considering the game structure not very prone to error). The title, on the one hand, offers little variety environmental, on the other hand, it compensates for this “lack” with the provision randomica of the rooms at each death. We just saw how to save the game in Returnal. We remind you that the game is available from today exclusively PS5.

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