SciFiClub: the news coming out in May

SciFiClub has made available the calendar of streaming releases for the month of May. Entirely dedicated to science fiction, an accurate selection by the Trieste Science + Fiction Festival team

An entire program dedicated to the culture and vision of science fiction. Introduced by a presentation by the experts from de The Underground Chapel he was born in Trieste Science+Fiction Festival; between cult and milestones of the vision, the careful selection of the historic Trieste event just a click away.

SciFiClub is currently active only on Italian territory and has the platform as its official partner MyMovies. The films are all available in their original language with Italian subtitles. It is possible to access by subscribing to a monthly or six-month subscription.

SciFiClub: the news coming out in May

The complete program: between cult of visions and news | SciFiClub: the news coming out in May

The first film available since May 5th is Virtual Revolution of Guy-Roger Duvet. Set in the future (2047) in New Paris, in the midst of the technological revolution, the world population finds itself divided in two. The connected are those who spend all their time within virtual worlds, and the “living” a rebellious minority still attached to reality.

One of the absolute cult End of August at the Ozono hotel of Jan Schmidt will be available on May 12. With a suggestive title, it comes to life 15 years after the atomic apocalypse. A group of women, made brutal and merciless by surviving in a devastated world, wander in search of resources, killing animals to survive and finally murdering the elderly owner of an abandoned hotel in cold blood.

Equipped with an atmosphere and a plot close to those of the film John Carpenter-1997: Escape from New York, was presented for the first time in Trieste in 1967. The modernist electronic music of Jan Klusak and the striking photography give the film a cult art movie status.

SciFiClub: the news coming out in May

The May 19th predicts sci-fi horror Await Further Instructions, winner of the Nocturno New Visions Award 2018. The story of a British middle-class family reunites for Christmas dinner, but they soon find themselves trapped by a mysterious and unidentified entity that communicates exclusively through television.

The appointment continues with the monthly program Sleepworking available from May 26. The staging of the overcoming of smart working combined with the dream of many: to be programmed to work while we sleep.

First of all, Whimsical: a woman’s survival story in a post apocalyptic world. Continue with Into the mud, hunting for a woman in the forest. Last on the list instead for Invasion of the Planet Earth where an extraterrestrial soldier lands in a clearing, but not everything goes smoothly.

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