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Review Figures Inspector Gadget – ABYstyle Studio

In this review we will analyze the brand new Inspector Gadget figure produced by ABYstyle Studio

It was the 80s when the first episode of theInspector Gadget in Italy. Whether for the iconicity of the protagonist, or for the fantastic theme song by Cristina D’Avena, Inspector Gadget has remained in the hearts of thousands of children who are now adults. After reviewing the “Dark Magician Girl” from another famous pre-2000 anime, we are ready to bring you the analysis of a new product from ABYstyle Studio. Of course we are talking about figures belonging to the Inspector Gadget SFC collection, made in 1:10 scale.

The packaging | Review Figures Inspector Gadget, ABYstyle Studio

The themed packaging is the classic of ABYstyle Studio. On the front window there are drawings depicting some gadgets used by the Inspector. Obviously there is no shortage of various illustrations of the case. In packaging, in addition to the figure we will find the display base and a small magnifying glass.

Let’s analyze the figure | Review Figures Inspector Gadget, ABYstyle Studio

The SFC (Superfigure Collection) line includes figurines that are usually 1:10 scale and this Inspector Gadget is no exception. In this case, we have the possibility to exhibit the figure both with and without a support. Speaking of the latter, he emulates a road pavement with a manhole in relief and its shape is “diamond”. If unsupported the figure reaches 17.5cm, but when anchored it reaches approx 18cm. The support is instead 10,5cm wide and 9,3cm long.

As we said, in addition to the base, a magnifying glass that can be placed in his right hand is also included. Aesthetically it is really nice and really simulates the glass of a lens, creating an excellent visual game when we look at the statuette.

This figure is made entirely of PVC and boasts a weight (including base) of 109g.

Under the magnifying glass | Review Figures Inspector Gadget, ABYstyle Studio

Speaking of the quality of construction of this figure, ABYstyle Studio is taking steps forward. The sculpt of the model is precise and has no errors of any kind, as is the painting. However, the pose is quite static and we would certainly have preferred the addition of some of his wacky gadgets. We certainly appreciated the inclusion of the magnifying glass which adds that touch of “movement” to the general static nature.

Speaking of painting, this is (as anticipated) very precise. The colors are faithful to those present in the cartoon and there are more shades of color than usual. This, combined with the folds of the coat, guarantees a fully successful general rendering. Also noteworthy is the themed base that enriches the model.

Let’s sum up

The 31st issue of the Inspector Gadget SFC from ABYstyle Studio convinces in almost every respect. Well as regards the glance, the application of shades on the painting side, the base and the magnifying glass that embellish the product. As already mentioned, we would have appreciated the inclusion of a few more gadgets in order to make the model even more detailed but, in general, this figure is fully promoted.

As with all the figures of the brand, this one too can be purchased on the official website at a price of €32.99.

Every case is known, will soon resolve

Plus points

  • accurate sculpt
  • Smudge-free paint
  • Shades on the painting side
  • Magnifying glass
  • Prezzo
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