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YouTube Music launches podcasts on Android and iOS, currently only in the US

YouTube Music Launches Podcasts on Android and iOS, Currently US Only Thumbnail

After the February announcement and the March tests, podcasts have arrived on iOS and Android for YouTube Music users in the United States. The content will be available on-demand, offline and in the background to all listeners, even those who have not subscribed to a subscription plan. In this case, however, the playback of podcasts will be interspersed with advertisements.

The novelty is currently being rolled out to “all of our listeners in the United States in a phased manner.” Google says this “new podcast listening experience complements the video podcast experience on YouTube.” In fact, at least in this first phase, Only podcasts that already have video versions uploaded to YouTube are available.

Google has promised that the news will also soon arrive for audiences outside the US.

YouTube Music: How podcasts work on iOS and Android

Thanks to 9to5Google we know that the YouTube Music mobile interface now features a new tab called Podcasts, with a dedicated feed. Here are a series of recommended podcasts, which will be customized according to the user’s tastes. Listeners will also find a history of sorts in this tab, with entries like “Continue Listening,” “Your Episodes,” and “Recommend Episodes.” There is also a breakdown by categories.

Podcasts also appear in the section Explorewhile in Bookshelf a special search filter has been added. The playback interface provides the classic buttons advancement (30 seconds) e rewind (10 seconds), with the option to choose the playback speed and to set a timer sleep timer. The functionality remains unchanged Codawhich allows you to create your own playback playlist.

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