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Review Lilo and Stitch – Stitch (626) Figures

ABYstyle Studio transports us into the enchanting world of “Lilo and Stitch” with this figure of the cute and unpredictable Stitch, let’s find out in this review

ABYstyle Studio expands its range of “SFC” with a brand new figure aimed at fans of the Disney animated series “Lilo and Stitch”. This time, the figurine is dedicated to the alien protagonist of the cartoon, namely Stitch. The 1:10 scale figure of Stitch was produced under official license by Disney and represents one of the most loved and recognizable characters in the world of animation. The reproduction of Stitch has been treated in detail and is presented in a dynamic and fun pose that perfectly captures the personality of the character enclosed in his cage under the code name “Experiment 626“. Let’s analyze in detail the brand new “SFC” by Stitch made by ABYstyle Studio in this review!

The Pack – Lilo and Stitch Review, Stitch (626) Figure

The packaging is very simple. We will be able to admire the cute alien Stitch through the classic transparent window. On the two sides and on the back we will find lively designs that recall the style of the animated series. The package includes only the statuette, already installed on its base without any additional accessories. However, a peculiarity of the figure lies in the fact that it can be exhibited with or without the plastic case that encloses the cute but destructive little creature.

Let’s analyze the figure – Lilo and Stitch Review, Stitch (626) Figure

This figure of Stitch (626) made by ABYstyle Studio for the “Super Figure Collection” line is, as usual, made entirely of PVC. The only section to vary in materials is the acrylic case which encloses the alien. All sections are somewhat stiff except the antennae which are slightly softer.

As for the characters analyzed previously, also in this case the statuette is on a 1:10 scale. Without the lid, Stitch measures about 10cm in height, while with the case it reaches 12cm. The spherical base, on the other hand, has a diameter of 12cm.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Lilo and Stitch Review, Stitch (626) Figure

Now let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the figurine. First, we can choose to display it in three different ways. In our opinion, the display case is a plus as it enhances the look of the figurine. Without the lid we will be able to observe Stitch from all angles without obstacles. But the display case gives the figurine a more premium look as a collector’s item that it is. Among other things, it is not totally transparent, but has a diamond pattern printed on the back that recalls the spaceship on which the alien is initially segregated. We can also decide to detach Stitch from the base to go and place it freely on our library.

Now let’s talk about the pose. The model is really well made. Although always tender, Experiment 626 does not hide his anger and desire for destruction. With bared teeth, concentrated gaze and four hands ready to fight, she manages to express his character in a very threatening way. Given the conditions of his detention, he obviously wears the iconic orange onesie, also very well made. The base is not totally faithful to the platform in which the alien is locked up, but it is a sort of successful quotation, with the wording “Experiment 626” on the front.

The painting is, in general, homogeneous and successful. There are no color gradients but, given the animated series of origin, this design choice is appropriate. The printed details are done as well as always, but there are some errors in the finer parts.

Let’s sum up

In its collaboration with Disney, ABYstyle Studio is showing what it’s made of. This, together with that of Jack Skellington, is certainly among the best productions of the brand. If you are a fan of the alien you absolutely cannot do without this statuette!

As with all the figures of the brand, this one too can be purchased on the official website at a price of €24.99.

Plus points

  • 3 ways to expose it
  • Really well done model
  • Faithful colors
  • Pose apt
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • A few mistakes in the painting
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