Review Yeedi vac max: the evolution of aspiration

In this article we will go to see the review of the Yeedi vac max, a more powerful version with some new features

We learned about Yeedi thanks to the many articles we have dedicated to him. Especially thanks to the review of the Yeedi 2 hybrid vacuum cleaner and scrubber. Despite the excellent quality of the aforementioned two-in-one vacuum cleaner, Yeedi did not sit on its laurels and launched a new model, more powerful and with some substantial changes.

Will Yeedi be able to improve its previous model? Let’s find out together in the review of the Yeedi vac max.

Packaging e design | Recensione Yeedi vac max

In terms of aesthetics, there are very few differences from the previous model. White reigns supreme and allows us to place our vacuum cleaner in any corner of the house, provided there is an electrical outlet, without having to hide it in a closet. The dimensions also remain (almost) unchanged and there is no space problem.

The same goes for the charging dock which, while changing the shades of black with some elements tending to gray, remains compact and with an attractive design.

Inside the package change the cloths supplied. In fact, if in the previous version only one cloth suitable for washing was provided and other microfibre cloths, almost disposable, in this new version, washing tools with greater care are provided. All five cloths supplied are in fact created with materials more suitable for washing and far more resistant.

More power but less brushes | Review Yeedi vac max

As a keen eye can notice the side brushes are halved. If in the previous version we found two side brushes and a central collection in this new model is characterized by the presence of a single side brush. To our surprise, however, we did not find a lower cleanliness, but let’s see the other differences first.

In addition to the single brush, the size of the dirt tank also changes, which becomes slightly larger and the washing system which, on the contrary, becomes slightly smaller.

The real difference actually lies in a more powerful engine. From already more than enough 2500Pa you pass to 3000Pa. In this way you do not suffer from the lack of the double side brush.

Thanks to the very important power in fact all the dirt is attracted towards the center. The side brush useful for collecting dirt in the corners does not miss a symmetrical twin. The only lack could lie in the time of cleaning. In fact, if during the cleaning Yeedi notices that he has not coped well with a corner, he could turn on himself returning several times to the same point.

Another very important change is that of the “increase cleaning” mode. In very simple words if activated by the app this function it increases the power completely autonomously when the vacuum cleaner detects that it is in contact with a carpet. A very useful function that will make you forget to manually increase the power when you are vacuuming your carpet.

For washing?

Even in the washing phases we have nothing to complain about our Yeedi vac max. Like the previous model, it can clean surfaces even with simple water. Thanks to the new generation cloths, we have also noticed a deeper cleaning. In fact, if the former had a less abrasive texture, with this new solution the cleaning is deeper and more accurate.

Smart features even more interesting | Review Yeedi vac max

In addition to the already popular smart functions, we find some improvements. The management of voice commands has improved, we find the aforementioned function of the increase in suction for the carpet and the mapping has been renewed.

Yeedi’s new two-in-one vacuum cleaner boasts a new home mapping system. In fact, thanks to the visual mapping, once detected any obstacles will remain in memory and collisions will be avoided by far. Where the Yeedi Hibrid 2 was going to hit every obstacle this vac max remember the position of them e slows down his run before leaning gently.

Furthermore, if the washing tank is applied, and the cleaning is set on suction and floor cleaner, the vac max will avoid carpets. If you have read our review of the previous model you know that we have complained that it climbs on carpets and gets stuck on them if water accumulates. Thanks to this new system, everything is a bad memory.

Who should buy it?

In conclusion, if you don’t have a two-in-one vacuum cleaner that practically does everything by itself and you want to buy one, you will certainly not be disappointed with this Yeedi vac max. The news compared to the previous model are there and are very interesting. From the list there is a more than justified price increase but thanks to the coupons made available by Amazon at this time you can buy it at practically the same price as Yeedi hybrid 2.

Even if there remain the “historical defects” such as the obligation to use a 2.5 Ghz connection and the mapping of only one floor.

If you already have the previous model I don’t think it’s worth putting the old one in the closet to buy the new one but if you were undecided now you have no more excuses.

Points in favor

  • Excellent value for money
  • Many improvements
  • A deeper cleaning

Points against

  • The obligation to use a 2.4 Ghz connection remains
  • And the mapping on a single plane also remains
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