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RiMS Racing review: a bit tough simulation

Even today we are facing a new simulation title, this time on two wheels. In particular, in ours RiMS Racing review, we are talking about a motorcycle title quite far from the classic Moto GP. The game is all Italian (even if it is not really a novelty in the two-wheeled field) and was developed by RaceWard. We tested RiMS on PlayStation 5, trying to exploit all its potential.

It is certainly difficult and at times particularly ruthless. If you are not used to simulation I suggest you stay away from it. If, on the other hand, you love this genre, then you can try to dive on the track and prove who you really are. So, without further ado, let’s see how these two wheels perform in our review.

RiMS Racing review: not a game for everyone

The first thing that struck us during our RiMS Racing review is its difficulty. Although starting with the lowest, we found many complications in facing a race. It is not enough to take a corner at low speed, it is also necessary to calculate the right degree of inclination to avoid ending up on the ground. Just a wrong movement, even if small, to make us fall ruinously. Just touching the unpaved ground for a few seconds with too high a speed or too wide an angle is enough to lose control.

To give us a hard time in managing the bike, first of all we have a somewhat slow movement of the rider. Although, in fact, we have the opportunity to customize its position on the vehicle, we were not fully satisfied. The reaction is too slow and this means that the corners are not approached with the right reactivity.

In addition to the basic difficulty, the commands, which, in our opinion, have some flaws. In particular the brake button (let’s talk about the rear one) which is located on the button. Unfortunately, in this way, you do not have the possibility to calibrate the braking, risking to crash for no reason.

Last point: l‘artificial intelligence. This is absolutely not caring about us and others. It seems that they compete alone, without taking into account the trajectories of others. In fact, the occasions in which their trajectory was in the way were not rare.

A not too disappointing scenario

From a graphic point of view RiMS Racing does quite well, in particular in the motorcycle care. All the models present (which yes, there are not many) are well reproduced and detailed. Every detail is developed with care and the final assembly is successful. This is perhaps the best of the features in the title.

What it does instead turn up your nose a little, are the tracks. These do not seem to exhibit the same attention to detail as the vehicles. Perhaps it is the lights that are not very conspicuous, the colors are not very bright, but in general the scenography seems slightly dull.

As far as the sound is concerned, we have excellent details for the bikes. The sounds are all varied and suited to the type of vehicle. Each bike has its own particular sound, well reproduced and this is definitely a plus. The spatial sound that changes according to the angle of the vehicle is also good. Less cared for are the ambient sounds which, perhaps, are left a little more to chance.

Unfortunately, even the general technical side does not make sparks. We tested RiMS Racing on Playstation 5 and we’re not sure we had a consistent frame rate. More than once, in fact, we have had some performance drops that have not particularly impressed us.

RiMS Racing

RiMS Racing review: in a nutshell?

Arrived at final lines of our RiMS Racing review, we want to say a few more words on the level of content, which, as far as we are concerned, is a bit low.
As mentioned during the course of the review, the title has interesting features and above all excellent vehicle care, but this is not enough. Although the title has been released in the final version, we only have 8 bikes and 19 tracks. Of course, the title is not an arcade and does not want to showcase millions of bikes (better 8 well done than 100 of which 50 badly done), but it always seems a bit too little. Also because, the price is not that low, let’s talk about € 60 on PlayStation 5 and € 45-50 on PC and Xbox.

So, we are were quite satisfied in general, but there are obviously some points to review. Surely the customization of vehicles and drivers, their faithful reproduction and details are to be appreciated. Game difficulty can be frightening, but surely the lovers of the simulation will be able to have some satisfactions. What disappoints a bit is the lack of attention to the scenarios and above all the contents. In short, you could do a little more, especially given the introductory price.

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