Sharp GX-BT480 review: power and style to spare

In this review we will take a closer look at the new Sharp GX-BT480. 40W bluetooth speaker that combines power and style with excellent autonomy

In these days I had the pleasure of having the new one on trial speaker bluetooth from Sharp, the GX-BT480. I found a well-established, powerful, reliable product even if with some flaws without which it would have been perfect. Below is a review that aims to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a product that certainly boasts style and power for sale.

Packaging and Unboxing | Sharp GX-BT480 review

Let’s start with packaging, surely well-kept e professional, in the image and likeness of brand who produced it. Inside the package we find the speaker well protected by the polystyrene and inside, as well as one comfortable shoulder strap, we find various cables. In support, together with the instruction booklet in many languages ​​available we find the recharge via micro-USB and various solutions with different types of sockets.

Sharp GX-BT480 review: power and style to spare


  • Sharp GX-BT480 review: power and style to spare


  • Technical features

    Let’s start with the physical dimensions of the product: 30 cm in length by 15 cm in height for a depth of 15 cm. On board Bluetooth 4.2 (critical point which we will talk about later). The frequency response of the speaker goes from 64 Hz ai 20 kHz. As a battery, we find 10400 mAh lithium-ion batteries which ensure approx 20 hours of playback with one refill.

    The product is obviously splash resistant and we find several physical buttons that allow total control. On the top there are three buttons: the two for controlling the volume and the center button for the “play”. On the right side, however, we find several buttons of reduced size. The central one is used forpower on and shutdown. Then we have on the horizontal line the two buttons that allow you to go to the next / previous track. On the vertical line, on the other hand, we find the “M”Which allows you to use a card as input Micro-SD, while at the bottom the “EQ” button which allows you to change the equalization on three different profiles preset (Bass Bost, Standard and Movie). On the left side, covered by a convenient watertight door, there are all the entrances (OF, MicroSD e Micro-USB for charging).

    Experience of use and opinions | Sharp GX-BT480 review

    First of all, I would start with the things that I absolutely liked the most. Starting from packaging, my Achilles heel, up to quality some materials passing through the style however recognizable and in step with the times. Really suitable for any environment, too Elegant. Not at all vulgar, even equipped with one solid base that holds it in place and makes it balance on the surface on which it is placed. The audio is particularly balanced, the music feels really good and the 40W everyone can hear on board. The three EQ modes are perhaps a bit striminzite and he wouldn’t be sorry an App dedicated with a more detailed control over the individual frequencies.

    Be clear, Sharp GX-BT480 is a product for enjoying music in company, in a room, in a living room or in the garden. AND his work does it very well. In mode Bass-Bost the low frequencies are enhanced at maximum power and you can always enjoy an excellent volume. The Movie mode, which in theory should enhance the medium / high frequencies for the voice, I found it reliable it’s enough need.

    Let’s move on to the points that I would have improved: certainly the Bluetooth. We are faced with an important case, with a full-bodied sound. However, the Bluetooth version affects the synchrony between audio and video. This obviously has no impact when listening to music, but it can be annoying if you decide to use it as soundbar. There is always the possibility of wiring it via AUX cable but, it is well known, it is not a solution that many people like.

    Conclusions and price | Sharp GX-BT480 review

    I was pleasantly surprised when I read the price (approx 88€ su Amazon) of this product. Sharp he really did a good job delivering a excellent quality product to a honest price. I doubt that there is such a reliable product in this price range, aesthetically cared for and still powerful. The improvements to be made are: the Bluetooth above all, but also the absence of a dedicated App or the absence of USB-C connectivity.

    It is a product with excellent autonomy (about 20 hours with a recharge) that has fully satisfied my expectations. What do you think of this Sharp GX-BT480? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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