Romulus: second season in production

Romulus: second season in production

Romulus, the Italian TV series produced by Matteo Rovere, which aired on Sky in November 2020, is about to return with a second season

Romulus is the recent Italian TV series created by Matteo Rovere focusing on the origin of Rome, which aired on Sky in November 2020. The production has announced the start of filming for the second season, which are currently already underway and will resume then the events that began in the ten episodes of the first season. The protagonists of the first season were Andrea Arcangeli, Marianna Fontana and Francesco Di Napoli, while on this new season the details on the cast are not yet known, including renewals and new characters.

Romolus: second season in production

Lazio, 8th century BC, a primitive and brutal world in which everyone’s destiny is decided by the implacable power of nature and the gods. The thirty peoples of the Latin League have lived for years under the leadership of the king of Alba, but drought and famine threaten the peace and life of these cities. Outside of them the forest, a dark place inhabited by cruel and mysterious creatures. Romulus is the story of this world through the eyes of three boys marked by death, loneliness and violence: Iemos, prince of Alba, Wiros, a young orphan and slave and the young vestal Ilia.

This is the plot of the first season, which tells a story of men and women who decide to create a new destiny for themselves. An epic-historical and hyper-realistic story about the birth of Rome, which ensures many stage and action accomplishments.

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