Rowenta X-Plorer Serie 95: a connected robot that sucks and washes

Equipped with an ultra-powerful digital motor and advanced laser technology, Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95 is the latest intelligent robot from the well-known manufacturer, which guarantees thorough cleaning even remotely

Keeping domestic floors perfectly clean, with a diversified action based on the type of surface, delegating the activity to a single, infallible, winning ally: utopia or reality? Rowenta launches X-Plorer Series 95, the robot vacuum cleaner that washes and vacuums, able to guarantee the same cleaning performance, without giving up their free time. The latest addition to the X-Plorer line ensures results without compromise and is positioned as top of the range of Rowenta’s range of robots, which has always been committed to offering consumers devices built specifically to adapt to all lifestyles and needs.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95: a connected robot that sucks and washes

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95: a robot that is always connected for a house that is always clean

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95 arrives on the market with an ultra-resistant digital motor, with a maximum suction power of 12000 Pa, 10 times more powerful. Equipped with the sistema Smart Aqua Force, to wash and vacuum at the same time, Rowenta’s robot is equipped with intelligent technology to identify the type of surface and automatically adapt the suction power, especially for rugs and carpets.

X-Plorer Series 95 also uses advanced laser technology, which allows a highly precise mapping of each room and the definition of a customized cleaning path. The infinite possibility of customization of the new robot constitutes, in fact, another of the further strengths of the device, with the possibility of making use of user-friendly settings: in this sense, with Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95 it is possible establish no-go zones by inserting virtual barriers, defining personalized cleaning paths, managing the cleaning frequency in each room, save up to 4 permanent multi-storey maps, and much more. In addition, for an intensive cleaning session in specific areas (for example after breakfast), the scrubbing mode, thanks to which the robot will move back and forth until the dirt has been eliminated.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95: a connected robot that sucks and washes

But not only! X-Plorer 95 Series fits perfectly into the smart ecosystem of the latest generation homes: thanks to the dedicated application, or through the voice assistants, it is in fact possible to give precise instructions to the device even remotely, a further added value for optimize time and energy. For example, the app allows you to activate the electronic control of the water flow, based on the type of surface.

Further strengths of the device are, undoubtedly, represented by the long-lasting battery, which it covers up to 220 square meters with a single charge, and from Charge & Go function, which guides the robot to its base once its autonomy is over. After fully recharging, the robot resumes its path by resuming the activity where it left off. To complete the offer, the new Rowenta robot guarantees impeccable cleaning thanks to the Animal Turbo brush and Animal Scrub cloth, both already included in the price, ideal for vacuuming animal hair and removing traces of four-legged friends. Also included are the bristle brush and the Fluffy brush, recommended for delicate floors, and the Allergy cloth, to capture dust particles with maximum effectiveness.

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95: a connected robot that sucks and washes

Prices and availability

Rowenta X-Plorer Series 95 is available for purchase on Rowenta’s ecommerce or at major physical and online stores at recommended price of € 799.99.

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