RTX 3090 SUPER with 1 TB / s of bandwidth: next NVIDIA launch?

According to a rumor from Leaker kopite7kimi, the RTX 3090 SUPER will be the first Nvidia GeForce with 1 TB / s of memory bandwidth

It is indeed with a Tweet that, just a day after the leak Greymon55 regarding the imminent presentation of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 SUPER SKU, the reliable Leaker kopite7kimi communicates the specs the next flagship GeForce might have.

RTX 3090 SUPER with 1 TB / s of bandwidth: next NVIDIA launch?

It is therefore rumored that the RTX 3090 SUPER could be the first Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce with 21 Gbps memory . Last year, before NVIDIA confirmed the arrival of the RTX 30 series, a memory maker Micron confirmed that the RTX 3090 would offer a memory speed between 19 and 21 Gbps. The graphics card at the end it launched with 19.5 Gbps of memory, leaving the remainder 1,5 Gbps come margin for power optimizations from NVIDIA. The increase in power can come mainly from the faster memory clock.

RTX 3090 SUPER with 1 TB / s of bandwidth: next NVIDIA launch?

So, if the RTX 3090 SUPER will be the first Nvidia GeForce with 1 TB / s of bandwidth: how much will it consume?

From the leaks it appears that the power consumption of this GPU is around 400/450 Watt, well 100 more than the current RTX 3090, but let’s remember that this it is not official news but, if this were to be the case, you will need to have a good power supply that maybe has modular connectors, because the wiring solutions would be power supply via 3 8-pin connectors (which allow 450+75 Watt of power) or a single 12 pin Molex connector that would hold up a maximum of 648 Watts of power.

The RTX 3090 SUPER could not have the NVLINK connector: is it a goodbye to this technology from NVIDIA?

L’NVLINK is the interface that allows you to connect multiple GPUs on the same system, version 2.0 of the SLI in practice and among the latest 30xx series GPUs is present only on “normal” RTX 3090, in fact also the RTX 3080 Ti launched a few months ago it is not equipped with NVLink and the lack of this connector on an RTX 3090 SUPER models might suggest that NVIDIA is permanently abandoning this feature for the GeForce series.

As noted by both leakers, the desktop GeForce RTX 30xx SUPER could be launched in 2021, it is unclear whether NVIDIA also wishes to upgrade its existing RTX 3080 and 3070 models to SUPER variants, both of which have been recently updated with Ti specifications which offer higher performance and NVIDIA is rumored to be next to the presentation of the RTX 40xx series, but we must also deal with the silicon crisis which, to date, is paying off almost impossible to find the GPUs presented almost a year ago.

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