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Sheltered 2 release date revealed

Team17 and Unicube Studios announced that the Resource Management Survival Title Sheltered 2 will be launched on Steam on September 21. Let’s find out all the details together: below, however, you will find the official trailer.

Sheltered 2 arrives on Steam in September

Building on the foundation of the original 2016 title, Sheltered 2 presents renewed combat systems e new mechanics of factions. The team is ready to offer deeper strategic gameplay, a new 3D art style and survival challenges.

While the struggle for survival is being tested by internal and external threats, the players will create e they will build their faction and their base, they will manage the resources e they will meet the needs of the survivors. The faction system of the title is key to achieving success during the campaign.

Relationships can be forged between factions, giving players the ability to to trade e working together, with both sides that thrive from this union. Alternatively, they can be turned on bitter rivalry, potentially capable of lead to catastrophic effects and to one premature end of the leader of the faction and its base.

Main features of the title

  • Factions: The faction system allows players to form relationships with other groups to provide their base with resources and support. Or they can take up arms and conquer everything the old fashioned way.
  • Resource management: Players will have to balance the needs and desires of their survivors, manage scarce resources, craft items needed to maintain the shelter, cook meals, and build equipment to keep their party alive.
  • Faction leader: Faction leader is the most important member of a refuge, boasting their own unique and powerful traits. It will be crucial to the success of the campaign: his death is the end of everything.
  • An unforgiving wasteland: Hunger, suffocation, extreme temperatures and combat are just some of the challenges players will face in the harsh wasteland.
  • Combat: In the title, players will use various skills to aim and hit specific body parts of their enemies to inflict greater damage during combat. Each action performed also has a stamina cost, so consider your moves carefully.
  • Personages: Survivors have their own personalities, traits, desires and skills to acquire.

Survivors who want to start their wasteland adventure can put Sheltered 2 in theirs wishlist su Steam.

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