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Samsung: announced the arrival in Italy of the new Neo OLED and QLED TVs

Samsung announces the arrival in Italy of the new Neo QLED and OLED TV range: connected devices for premium experiences and superior performance. The new TV models will be available for pre-order from March

Samsung Electronics announces the arrival on the Italian market of the long-awaited range of new Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs. These new products will be available for pre-order starting March 13, 2023 with a special promotion. This new range of premium products that focus on advanced connectivity and personalized consumer experience, reconfirms Samsung as a leader in the TV sector. The new line-up arrives on the market with a special dedicated promotion until April 9th.

Details on the arrival in Italy of the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs

The new Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TV range boasts premium options that suit everyone’s needs. The image quality on Neo QLED is entrusted to the advanced Quantum Neural Processor and with Quantum Mini LED it guarantees 14-bit processing to the TV. While the AI ​​upscaling technology supports functions such as Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro, for even more three-dimensional and realistic images. In 2023 Samsung takes Neo QLED beyond simple image sharpness, thanks to the ad panel high resolution and the proprietary algorithm that powers the new Auto HDR Remastering. This automatic remastering system takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) deep learning. In order to analyze each scene and apply High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects in real time to Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content, making them more vivid, brilliant and therefore absolutely immersive.

SmartThings makes consumers’ lives even easier

This year Samsung, consistently with its path of constant innovation, takes it one step further with SmartThings. The platform dedicated to the smart home allows seamless integration between all devices in the Samsung ecosystem. In fact, from 2023, the SmartThings One-Chip module for Zigbee and Matter Thread will be integrated directly into the Samsung range. And to take the connectivity experience to the next level, SmartThings will automatically sync devices, making it easy to manage not only Samsung products, but also third-party home appliances and IoT devices for seamless connections.

Models of the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs arriving in Italy

  • QN900C 8K: 85′(€ 9.999) – 75′(€ 7.499) – 65′(€ 5.499)
  • QN800C 8K: 85′(€ 7.999) – 75′(€ 5.299) – 65′(€ 3.799)
  • QN90C 4K: 85′(€5,499) – 75′(€3,899) – 65′(€2,799) – 55′(€2,399) -50′(€1,699) -43′(€1,399)
  • QN85C 4K: 75′(€3,299) – 65′(€2,499) – 55′(€1,799)

Samsung: announced the arrival in Italy of the new Neo OLED and QLED TVs

Details on the arrival of Samsung’s Neo OLED TVs in Italy

The Samsung OLED 2023 range is now available in 55” and 65” formats and in the new extra-large 77” model(the latter coming in the next few months). The new Samsung OLED line up features Quantum Dot technology developed specifically for Samsung Neo QLEDs, and the Neural Quantum Processor. These allow you to maintain the specific characteristics of OLED technology, but overcome its limits in terms of brightness and color rendering. The range boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and all of Samsung’s smart features, including the Gaming Hub. For the first time in the case of an OLED TV, these Samsung devices have also obtained the FreeSync Premium Pro certification from AMD, which recognizes the excellence of the gaming experience with OLED. In the pre-order phase active from March 13 to April 9, it will be possible to order Samsung OLED S90Cwhile the new 2023 line, consisting of S95C and S95B, will arrive later in the year.

Incredibly immersive audio thanks to AI

Samsung TVs, equipped with Dolby Atmos and Samsung Object Tracking Sound (OTS), stream the sounds of movies, sports and games through the speakers. Thus generating exceptional sound effects they offer a connected video experience at the highest level. When paired with a Samsung soundbar, the TV range supports the Q Symphony feature, which enhances the audio experience, making it literally cinematic. The combination of Samsung TVs with the HW-Q990C and HW-Q610GC (2023) soundbars is able to offer excellent viewing and listening experiences. Samsung includes the Samsung TV Plus service on all of its smart TVs. The service offers completely free streaming TV channels with advertising and video on demand for a total of over 90 channels in Italy and 1,800 channels globally. Present in 24 countries and on 465 million devices worldwide (TV and mobile). This service is completely free and requires no downloads or subscriptions.

Neo QLED and OLED: Samsung’s promotion

Samsung is pleased to announce that the long-awaited new TV line-up 2023 will be available for pre-order in Italy with a special online promotion starting from March 13th to April 9th. Those who purchase a TV from the Neo QLED or OLED S90C range over 65” on or on the online shops of partner retailers will receive a free Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. Those who instead opt for a TV under 65” will have a Galaxy s22 smartphone as a gift. Various additional services are also provided for those who buy in pre-order on the Samsung online shop: in addition to free shipping, customers will be able to start paying for their purchase from June 2023. By selecting payment via Astrofinance, it will be possible to obtain a 0-interest loan up to at 40 months. Samsung OLED TVs are also eligible for the additional service, which can be purchased on the Samsung shop, Training a Casa. It is a dedicated consultancy to discover all the features of the product and get the most out of the viewing experience, directly at home.

Samsung: announced the arrival in Italy of the new Neo OLED and QLED TVs

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