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The Giffoni Good Games, the event dedicated to the culture of gaming, is born

The birth of the Giffoni Good Games, the first major event in the midday dedicated to the culture of gaming, was announced via a press release: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

Giffoni Good Games, conceived and created by Giffoni Innovation Hub, is the event dedicated to the universe of video games and eSports, so broad as to also include new technologies, startups and cinema. Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July will inaugurate its first edition in Giffoni Valle Piana (SA) in the structures of the Giffoni Multimedia Valley, the great creative hub of Southern Italy. The event will be sponsored by the Municipality of Giffoni Valle Piana, led by the mayor Antonio Giuliano. The mission of the entire Giffoni ecosystem is to put the new generations at the centre, intercepting and anticipating the latest trends to translate them into concrete actions in support of the youngest and their future. Giffoni Good Games is proof of this: Gen Z and Millennials will immerse themselves completely in a parallel world dedicated to new trends, virtual reality included, giving life to an event that will involve the entire Campania town.

Good games, che sees the participation of the company Fandango Club Creators as advisor, was created to offer gamers and the curious a real place to meet, socialize, challenge and compare notes, celebrating the strength and quality of gaming and good play, helping enthusiasts, creatives and companies to demonstrate how videogames and interactive culture are a critically important industry.

The Giffoni Good Games, the event dedicated to the culture of gaming, is born

Giffoni Good Games: the first contents

The spotlight will be on the Gaming Area and the eSports Stage. Lots of free to play game stations to go in search of your favorite video game among a myriad of available titles: from the most acclaimed to the great previews that are about to be launched on the market. But it wouldn’t be a game without the challenge: those who wish can test themselves and compete with friends by participating in one of the scheduled eSport tournaments or playing shoulder to shoulder with the top players present, to understand the secrets of the professional gamer trade.

And it will be possible to do it within cinema halls equipped with the latest generation audio/video systems, which will be transformed into eSport arenas, the scene of numerous and exciting challenges between Italy’s most loved and best-performing pro-players. Also on the calendar are the finals of the competitions most followed by Italian fans, thanks to the presence of the best tournament organizers on the square and the team leaders of the national and international eSport scene.

The Giffoni Good Games, the event dedicated to the culture of gaming, is born

Giffoni Good Games: the tournament between the university and the Creator District

One of the most awaited moments will be the final of the University Master, the first video game tournament between Italian universities organized by 2WATCH, media-tech company partner of the event that has been operating in the e-sport and gaming sector for years, which will also be the main reference for all projects related to entertainment and the metaverse. Ample space is also given to Indie Dev, an area dedicated to independent Italian development studios, designed to enhance and give visibility to emerging and promising realities with an exclusive selection of video games to try and discover in absolute preview. The multigaming company GL17CH, born from the ambition of the footballer Ciro Immobile, also joins the partners with events and activities to put real and virtual sport in synergy and carry the flag of sporting culture high.

One of the major attractions will undoubtedly be the Creator District, the acclaimed format that brings together the greatest creators around and their very large communities, putting them in direct contact and thus transforming the virtual into real, with events, shows and meet & greets. Among the most awaited guests, some of the undisputed protagonist influencers of the Italian scene: Dario Moccia, one of the main national creators and national pop culture expert, Roberta “Ckibe” Sorge, illustrator and streamer with dozens of collaborations with top brands, Andrea “Shamzy ” by Raimo, who with his humor made in Tuscany conquered TikTok, the master of collectable Davide Masella, the chef and gamer Alessandro “Nanni” Pieri and Mattia “Poliy” Negri with his Poly Quiz Show.

The Giffoni Good Games, the event dedicated to the culture of gaming, is born

Giffoni Good Games: of course, Cosplay is not missing!

An integral part of the Giffoni Good Games experience is naturally the Cosplay world, from professionals to newbies linked to the imaginary worlds of videogames and modern mythology, which, thanks to the support of Cosmeet, the startup of cosplay events born from the Giffoni for Kids accelerator program, will be involved in parades and contests throughout the festival to reward the best clothes and performances. And for performers who have small problems with their costumes, the SOS Cosplay service will be active, with a team dedicated to small repairs.

It will also be possible to take part in Speed ​​Gaming, the format for socializing through gaming created by M8another Giffoni for Kids startup and the first Italian matchmaking startup for gamers, in which unknown participants will have to form teams of two to participate live in activities and contests.

The Giffoni Good Games, the event dedicated to the culture of gaming, is born

Good fun!

Giffoni Good Games will therefore be a unique opportunity to enrich knowledge and skills. Thanks to the Academy Space, in fact, anyone will be able to participate in unmissable events workshops, panels and thematic talks dedicated to the videogame world at 360°, with the aim of training the youngest and transforming them from simple enthusiasts to potential professionals in the sector. There will also be an exhibition area dedicated to fiction and gadgets related to iconic video games. A film festival is also planned with special screenings and marathons of films, anime and cult TV series linked to the videogame universe. A big party that will last until the evening: on Saturday 1st July the event will end around 10pm.

Giffoni Good Games tickets are already on sale on the Vivaticket circuit! Let us know if you will participate in the event below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech-themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!

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