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Samsung announces the era of the 3 nanometer and GAAFET transistors

Official production of 3 nanometer chips (3GAE), thanks to the production process of GAAFET transistors. Samsung’s innovation

With an official press release on its channels, the global electronics giant Samsung has announced the production of process-based chips 3GAE, after years of studies, the production of GAAFET transistors will start in these weeks, this step will be very important towards the development of increasingly complex chips. Made possible thanks to the MBCFET proprietary production circuit.

3nm Gate All Around Early, this is the full name of the future Samsung chips. Initially the Chips will be developed by partners who are labeled Alpha, with the aim of testing the first Chips, and highlighting the pros and cons, so as to adjust the shot with the next Gen, therefore the production will always be internal and dedicated to the phase. of testing, in the not too distant future they will be implemented in the first devices. At the moment the production will be entrusted to the divisions Samsung’s System LSI.

Samsung announces the era of the 3 nanometer and GAAFET transistors

Samsung will be the first to implement this GAAFET-type transistor technology. Samsung calls it Multi-Bridge Channel Field-Effect Transistor (MBCFET) regarding the production of GAA. The new technology will allow to increase the contact area, and will allow to increase data transmission, ie between channel and gate. The main advantage of this production system is that it can be implemented in different form factors and be very versatile. Furthermore, GAAFET production will allow for a significant reduction in consumption.

It is not the first time that Samsung has tackled the issue of GAAFET production, already in the past with SRAMs, the hypothesis of improving consumption by 30 to 50% was advanced, but now we have gone really high. In conclusion, it will take some time to see them used in commercial solutions. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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