Samsung BESPOKE: a modular, customizable and smart refrigerator

At the “Bespoke Home 2021” event, Samsung announces its vision on “custom-made” appliances, starting with the arrival in Italy of the BESPOKE range of refrigerators

On the occasion of the virtual event “Bespoke Home 2021”, Samsung Electronics announced the arrival in Europe and Italy of the BESPOKE range, the customizable and modular refrigerators that revolutionize the concept of household appliances, making the fridge a piece of furniture capable of embellishing any home, without giving up the innovative technology signed by Samsung. Daniele Grassi, Vice President Home Appliances Division Samsung Electronics Italia, explains:

We are proud of this launch: it represents yet another step forward by Samsung in the refrigerator category and testifies to the Company’s attention to the evolution of consumer tastes and desires. BESPOKE is designed to adapt to the style of any domestic environment and to best express the personality of each customer, thanks to a modular, customizable proposal made with exclusive finishes such as frosted glass, thus opening a new chapter in the world of household appliances.

Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator: formats

BESPOKE is a world of possibilities enclosed in a single product and arrives in Italy in the combined version (available with 2m or 1.85m height), monoporta e monoporta slim (width 45cm). The various formats can be placed side by side to create the perfect combination: those who need to keep lots of fresh foods will choose to combine a classic combined with a single door refrigerator… do needs change and need more space in the freezer? No problem, just add a new single door freezer module! Furthermore, in continuity with the great attention to energy performance that distinguishes the Korean company, the BESPOKE models are available in the various classes of the new energy labeling, reaching up to A.

Samsung BESPOKE: a modular, customizable and smart refrigerator

Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator: configuration and colors

BESPOKE gives everyone the opportunity to choose their ideal combination to make the refrigerator a perfect functional element, which integrates with the style of their home and can follow changes, adapting to renovations of the environments, or to the growth of the family. BESPOKE arrives in Italy with two proposals: Panel Fixed, where the refrigerator is marketed as a traditional product with the predefined combination of external panels, or Panel Ready, which gives the consumer the possibility to choose the combination of preferred finishes and colors. Both BESPOKE Panel Fixed and BESPOKE Panel Ready allow you to choose between a classic, satin or glossy glass finish. BESPOKE Panel Fixed is available in various pre-assembled solid color models (Brushed Inox, Satin Graphite, Clean Black, Clean White, Cotta Beige, Satin Navy, Matte Black, Metal Inox). BESPOKE Panel Ready is available in 5 models with panels that can be combined with each other (Satin Navy, Satin Graphite, Satin Beige, Satin Sky Blue, Glam Lavender, Glam Navy, Clean Black e Clean White).

Samsung BESPOKE: a modular, customizable and smart refrigerator

To find out more about BESPOKE appliances, you can consult the official Samsung website. From the electronic section that’s all! Keep following us!

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